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Canada Winter Games Up in Flames

Yellowknife’s bid to host the 2023 Canada Winter Games effectively died this afternoon, following a unanimous rejection by City Council. The final vote won’t happen until next Monday, but during today’s Municipal Services Committee meeting, all eight councillors indicated they would oppose the bid, citing uncalculated risks, tough economic times, the inability to host alpine

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A Hard Sell: Canada Winter Games Report

On EDGE | ANALYSIS Reading the business opportunities section of the Canada Winter Games report released to the media yesterday afternoon, you can almost hear the sound of faces hitting palms. Those buzzkills over at the Chamber of Commerce just don’t get it! And the project’s comms people really aren’t helping. Or so the report

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City Briefs: Canada Winter Games, Northlands, and Grace Lake

The Games, still Given the lukewarm support from city councillors for the 2023 Canada Winter Games during this fall’s election, you might think the whole project was dead in the water. But the committee charged with analyzing the games has been quietly chugging along, with their final report expected some time in February. At Monday’s

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Head To Head: Should YK Bid on the Canada Winter Games?

What do you think? Vote in our poll below. NO, says Richard Morland, a mining engineer with 33 years’ experience in the resource industry in Australia and Canada. The former BHP Billiton vice president of operations, president and COO of Ekati Diamond Mine, Richard has lived in Yellowknife for nearly 10 years. When governments and

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After the Show: what should the legacy of the Canada Winter Games be in YK?

On EDGE | Opinion The City is inviting corporate and business volunteers to join the working committee on the 2023 Canada Winter Games – a body already loaded with politicians and bureaucrats eager to bring the event to Yellowknife. The committee’s task is due diligence, mostly: to determine “the feasibility and advisability of hosting the

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Should we host the Canada Winter Games? Whitehorse, GNWT think so

At last Friday’s packed Q&A session on the 2023 Winter Games, Robert C. McLeod, the GNWT’s Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs, announced what could be a major game changer in the emerging debate over whether Yellowknife should host the event. McLeod said that the GNWT is willing to invest in what will likely be the

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True cost of 2023 Canada Winter Games unclear

Yellowknife is inching closer to hosting its biggest sporting event to date, but even with a City Council vote next Monday, it’s still unclear how much the Canada Winter Games will cost. The games would see thousands of athletes, coaches and volunteers descend on Yellowknife for 18 different sports played over a two-week period in

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The South Slave Games

Ask any competitive athlete from the North about the legacy of the Arctic Winter Games and the answer will always be one of lifechanging influence, says Betsy Mawdsley, a former biathlete from Fort Smith who has competed on the national and international circuits. “I don’t think you can find an athlete from the NWT who

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Lessons from the Games Fiasco

On EDGE | OPINION Robert C. McLeod threw a pretty impressive Hail Mary on Monday night. At the 11th hour, mere minutes before City Council was to vote on Yellowknife’s Canada Winter Games bid, the finance minister earnestly endorsed the Games — not on behalf of the GNWT or the legislative assembly, but as himself,

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City Briefs: Games Good, Hotel Too

With only several meetings left until the City-led Canada Winter Games Committee is expected to deliver a business case for council to vote on, at least one councillor is concerned the work won’t be done in time. “There have been to a couple of meetings where I’ve seen minutes… [and] there wasn’t much headway defined

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Big Questions: YK Needs More Info About the Winter Games

There were more asks than answers when the Canada Winter Games Committee met at City Hall this Tuesday, most of them aimed at the money question: how much will they cost, and who will pay – now and in the future. The committee will meet again on August 20, and once more before the municipal

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City Briefs, Feb. 4: No Business Improvement Traction, Some Winter Games Action

BID bid gains little support in the biz community Revitalizing the downtown via a Business Improvement District (BID) has been a hot topic at city hall ever since two councillors returned from a BID conference last spring. But the idea, which would see local businesses pay into a fund for collective projects, doesn’t seem to have any

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The push is on to bring a polytechnic university to the NWT by 2024. Yellowknife is the logical place for its headquarters, but expect resistance from politics and old promises, says TIM EDWARDS.  

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Edgitorial: New Blood at City Hall

From the February March Issue of EDGEYK: No pressure or anything, but Sheila Bassi-Kellett’s appointment as Senior City Administrator is good news

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