A Summer Day

verse by Anthony Foliot

This morning when I woke up it was almost half past five.

I saw the whiskers poking from my chin. I fired up my razor it was

good to be alive. I buzzed my cheeks and did those whiskers in.

I walked my faithful doggie to her spot down by the tree.

Then cycled up the hill for my breakfast. And sitting at the table

was three other guys and me, and we compared this summer from the last.

And when that was all finished it was only eight oh two.

Too early for the post-office you know. So I made my way back

home and I jumped in my canoe. I whistled for my doggie “time to go.”

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So we pushed off from the dock and we headed up the bay.

And drove along the “Submarine Alley.” We turned left by the

float planes on that perfect summer day. Cruised underneath the bridge and who’d we see?

The guy who runs the float base so I idled down to stop.

It was Joel a good buddy that I knew. Then I coasted to the wharf

and I tied a bowline knot. Then my dog and I stepped from the canoe.

We sauntered to the office and he put the coffee on.

I counted the beer cases on his floor. With over fifty boxes and the

first batch was all gone. The fishermen he worked for wanted more.

We went out to his table where we drank our coffee up.

And he said that his girl arrived by plane. As we watched a boat go

by, and I was draining off my cup. How curious that Summer was her name.

He said that he was hungry for some eggs and for some toast.

And then went in to fry some chow. He chopped up some zucchini

but he chopped the onions most. He buttered up the skillet, he knew how.

And while he was a cooking well I heard a little sound.

I wondered if he had a mice issue. I got a little nervous and I took a

look around. When it comes to mice I know what to do.

My buddy stirred the onions and I poured another cup.

And once again we heard a little noise. And then he called out

“Summer” he said “are you getting up?” Well that was when I heard a woman’s voice.

“Yes” she said “I’m getting up” and I wandered out the door.

Some girls don’t like surprises in the morn. Sat on the picnic table

And I drank my coffee more. And marvelled at the sunshine nice and warm.

So I thought about those eggs and the meal she’s going to get.

And I peered into my cup was there some more? And then I heard

her giggle while I smoked my cigarette. And that was when Summer came out the door.

Yes there she stood before me and she had a lovely smile.

Extended out her hand and said hello. So I introduced myself and I

thought I’d stay awhile, ‘cause I like pretty women don’t you know.

Then Joel brought out their breakfast and Summer sat beside me.

I asked if Joel had shown her ‘round the bay. I told her he’d be

busy and, if she’d like to see, we can ditch him ‘cause me I had all day.

Joel smiled and he looked at me, he knew my words were true.

I’m usually busy only wintertime. And Summer sat and smiled and

the skies were cloudless blue. A turn around the bay would be just fine.

So we started off our tour past the plastic mega-yachts.

We went to see the Norseman down the bay. We drove underneath

the wing and sailed by Peace River Flats. This Summer’s quite a beauty I should say.

Summer sat in the canoe and she scratched my old dog’s ear.

She waved at Joel as we came back on by. We went underneath the

bridge where it echoes under there. I took her to a place where Otters fly.

We drove past the twins and turbo with its engine taken out.

And Summer’s eyes were shining out at me. I turned right at the

float planes pointed sunken vessels out. That’s why I call it “Submarine Alley.”

We passed by the old fish plant and a dredge barge near the dock.

I’m sure that I was blabbing all the way. ‘Cause I’m having so

much fun and it’s only two o’clock and it’s proving out a great summer day.

I showed her the old tug boat where I draw a summer pay.

My dog woke up her face was in the breeze. I throttled down my

kicker to where all the houseboats lay. And a Merlin was screeching in the trees.

We head out past Dog Island where the seagull has its nest.

And Summer says she likes the house that’s blue. I know that she

is happy ‘cause this day’s not like the rest. And everything I show her is brand new.

So I’m feeling pretty good I’ve got Summer in my boat.

The seagulls never dived us driving by. We pass the houseboat

“I-lean” that’s the one that doesn’t float. Then a Northwest cruise to the other side.

That’s over where my house is and I flout the western shore.

The sunshine really shows the painted trim. It’s the one all by itself

and it has a yellow door. We pull up to my dock and go on in.

Now Summer’s in my household only this time shining out.

I think the windows need a little clean. She’s checking all my

pictures and the charms I hang about. I wonder if she wonders what they mean.

Back out on the water and still heading North and west.

Where they’re welding up new tanks for the pier. I’m thinking

about Summer and this day has been the best. The lake waves to the fish boats over here.

We pass by Joliffe Island and turn left towards the gap.

We watch a Turbo Beaver taking flight. And Summer! And a boat

ride like a feather in your cap. A summer day and everything’s all right.

‘Cause Summer she’s a beauty, yes I told you that before.

We pass the dock with “ramp-rats” working. I wonder if she hears

it, my heart is pounding more. Underneath the bridge the echo’s lurking.

Now we glide up to the dock and we tie the old canoe.

My summer day is coming to an end. Now the sun is in the west

still the skies are cloudless blue. I can’t wait for a summer day again.

Then she kissed me on the cheek and she shook me by the hand.

She appreciated Old Town Service. I won’t wash it in a week yes

her gesture was so grand. But that’s when I started to get nervous.

Because I just remembered I had something still to do.

I was supposed to go and check the post. And I haven’t got a watch

and you know what’s nothing new? Forgot the things I needed to do most!

So tomorrow I’ll get mail and I’ll do my banking yet.

But could you stay focused when Summer’s there? My summer

day with Summer is one that I won’t forget. Distraction strikes from almost anywhere.


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