Break-In At Weaver and Devore

One of Yellowknife’s most iconic stores was the target of a break-in on Monday night.

The incident occurred at Weaver & Devore Trading, which has been selling bush gear in Old Town since 1936.

“Somehow they slipped through this little space and got in and got out,” Bud Weaver, president of Weaver & Devore, told EDGE on the phone.

It’s still unclear exactly what was taken during the break-in, but Weaver said employees realized what had happened when they opened up the store on Tuesday morning.


“We don’t really have too much of an idea of what they took, because there’s so much stuff,” said Weaver of the famously crowded and eclectic emporium. “When we came the next morning we saw what had gone on.”

“I wish we had all the answers and could tell you the whole story but we can’t, because we don’t know it ourselves,” Weaver said.

EDGE called the RCMP to comment on the break-in, but no one was available to speak. Around 11 a.m., there was one trooper parked outside of the store, but no officers were in sight.


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