Dispatches: Alison McCreesh’s Lessons From Finland, Part Two

Who needs a hot holiday this winter? Not Alison McCreesh. The Yellowknife illustrator, cartoonist and textile artist known for her graphic novel “Ramshackle”  and Chilly Chicken Creations has flown the coop for higher latitudes, voyaging with her partner and their young son on a circumpolar art odyssey.

From November until next April, the shack-dwelling Old Towner is completing four residencies in Finland, Russia, Greenland and Iceland for her project North[s] – Observations on Dark Days. She’s promised to share some of those observations with us through regular instalments of her signature comics looking at the complexities of the simple life.

Here’s the second batch from Lapua, Finland, where she was until January 1st. 

See Part 1 here

See Part 3 here

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