Echoes on a small town sidewalk

Old Town Versifier: Anthony Foliot

When I met you on the sidewalk, you seemed to eat me with your eyes. I wondered if you’d notice, did you realize… I’m Vulnerable.


Then you introduced me to your ‘friend’ and I was thinking here we go again. So we shook hands like it was something new, I couldn’t help but notice that his shoes… were unsuitable.



Still your eyes they swarmed all over me, as the three of us stood there in the snow. I wondered how much he’d really see. As if through glasses he was wearing he could see…I’m uncomfortable.


Well then the questions…yes I’m doing fine…keeping busy…things along that line. I’m puzzled, as we’re standing there, is it politeness or do you really care? Improbable.


Then your ‘friend’ is looking ill at ease, it shows he doesn’t want to stay. I wonder as you look at me, is there something more, that you need to say? Debatable.


But then you know that it’s not one-sided. I’m sure my eyes were shining too. Because my heart it kind of soars a bit, when I encounter you. Unbelievable.


Here’s our eyes in a sidewalk embrace, with your ‘friend’ in his sunglasses there, and the snow on the sidewalk is trampled and we’ve got to be headed somewhere. Regrettable.


Now I walk away with a heavy step, alone, and he’s got you. I’ll try to forget another day we met, on Franklin Avenue. Impossible.



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