EDGE Express: November 24

A territorial election-focused edition of your daily Yellowknife and NWT news summary published first thing every weekday morning.
Newly elected Yellowknife North MLA Cory Vanthuyne and outgoing Weledeh MLA Bob Bromley.

What incumbent advantage?

Last night, 19 candidates were elected (one acclaimed), and with eight incumbents and 11 newly elected MLAs, the numbers were nearly the opposite of the last territorial election. Incumbents who faced well-organised and serious opposition were usually not re-elected, and we saw the rare spectacle of two cabinet ministers being replaced.

In the capital, Yellowknife South MLA and Premier Bob McLeod and Great Slave MLA and cabinet minister Glen Abernethy survived, but Kam Lake MLA and ITI Minister Dave Ramsay, three-term Yellowknife Centre incumbent Robert Hawkins and Range Lake MLA Daryl Dolynny did not. Notable political names who lost outside YK include Finance and Environment Minister and Thebacha MLA Michael Miltenberger and Hay River South MLA Jane Groenewegen, both pursuing a sixth term.

You can see all of the unofficial results and who was elected here, and read Mark Rendell’s early morning EDGE piece here. We’ll also bring you more analysis of what the results mean later today and this week.

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YK MLA shake-up

In what was likely the most bitter campaign of the election, Yellowknife Centre’s Julie Green managed a 10-percent margin of victory over incumbent Robert Hawkins. Deciding the biggest upset of the night is difficult, with Caroline Cochrane replacing incumbent Range Lake’s Daryl Dolynny by a slim 1.5-percent margin and former Liberal party campaign manager Kieron Testart managing a comfortable 16-percent margin over cabinet minister Dave Ramsay in Kam Lake. Incredibly tight competition in Frame Lake saw former city councillor and environmental advocate Kevin O’Reilly arrive in the legislature with both Jan Fullerton and David Wasylciw falling within 24 votes of victory. In the newly created Yellowknife North riding, Cory Vanthuyne managed a tight 1.4-percent margin over Dan Wong, closing within just 16 votes of each other.

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More monologue material: Nadli re-elected

In a story fondly recounted by locals to illustrate the strange world of northern politics, remember when Peter Liske became Tonight Show comedy fodder after he promised to check himself into rehab if re-elected as Chief of Dettah during a 2007 election? Well, last night produced more monologue material. Remember when a politician was imprisoned for domestic violence for a second time, released early, ran for office again and won? That’s exactly what happened in the Deh Cho riding where Michael Nadli was re-elected.

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Low heating oil prices a lil’ cost ‘o livin’ help

In (somewhat) election-related news, there’s a small reprieve from political coverage about complaints over the cost of living: the cost of heating oil in Yellowknife is the cheapest it’s been since 2010. The NWT Bureau of Statistics released an analysis of common goods purchased in Yellowknife which clearly shows this large northern household expenditure has fallen. While a collapse in commodity prices causes the territories many  problems, this is one upside.

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