EDGE of Fall Fashion Photos

Sydney Zoe

I noticed your outfit. And I was wondering why you decided to wear this today?

It’s an outfit I wear a lot because I get lazy in the morning, so technically these tights are supposed to go higher, but I think they look cuter, if it looks like they’re knee socks because knee socks don’t stay on my legs, they just fall and I like the sweater because it’s big and that’s kind of fall, I guess?

How long have you had these pieces for?

The skirt I’ve had for a while but the bralette, the socks and the sweater, I’ve just got. I got the socks from For Men Only and the sweater, I got from Bootlegger and this I got from Iceblink and the skirt I got from Charlotte Bruce, and the boots I got from the Bay because I’m size five and nothing else fits me.

Do you often wear these socks?

Most people say I’m kind of dumb because it’s cold here, but I haven’t gotten frostbitten yet, so I think I’m almost kind of immune to it, not really, but I’m going to wear something really bad one day and it’s going to be the middle of winter and then I’m going to get frostbitten.

Is it worth it for the outfit?

I think it looks cute and yeah, I mean, I don’t get really cold. I wear pants and I put on other boots when it snows so these ones don’t get ruined.


Peter Therrien

I noticed your jacket.

I’ve had it for about five years. A number of people think it’s deer skin. It’s not, it’s boar skin. The beading is not necessarily Metis traditional. It’s just very comfortable. I get a lot of compliments on it. I quite enjoy the jacket.

What drew you to it?

I’m an old hippie. It fits my lifestyle. It fits what I’m about. I enjoy the freedom that the fringes talk about. The nature of the cloth work.

Where did you get it from?

I actually ordered it online. It comes out of California.

Donna Whitford

I noticed your vest.

My vest is from Calgary. I got it a couple of years ago and I just love it. It’s something different. It just comes out for fall and winter.

Can you describe the style for me?

I think it’s pretty funky. It’s trendy. It’s fluffy. It’s not that warm, mind you, but I like to keep up with the styles. Something different.

Carly Bradley

I noticed your coat.

I’ve had for just over a year. I bought it in Palm Springs at the Kate Spade store there.

How would you describe your style?

Today, well, I guess we just we just had a business meeting, so I was going for business casual.

How long have you had the scarf?

I’ve had this scarf for seven or eight years. I bought it at a thrift store, and it’s really warm.

Brad Wilson

I noticed your camo hat and the plaid. Is this an outfit you wear often?

Very often. Throughout the year. I have lots of plaid. I have lots of camo.

Where’d you get this plaid from?

In France.

How long have you had it for?

Like a year.

And what made you want to buy this plaid?

I just like plaid. And I got made fun of for being the only Canadian in France who would just go out and buy a plaid shirt in France.

And the hat. I bought it online on Amazon. I’ve had many like this hat. I keep getting the same one because I know I like it.




 Elaine Anselmi

I noticed your scarf, can you tell me a little bit about it?

I bought it at Joe Fresh in, maybe Grande Prairie, Alberta. Maybe?

What about the sweater? You’re looking very fallish.

I am. I’m embracing fall. I also bought it somewhere in BC. It was a random store and I actually don’t know what store it was or what brand it is, but I figured since it’s fall I should wear as many wools as humanly possible.

How long have you had the sweater for?

I want to say a year and a half.

And you have boat shoes on, too. How long have you had those for?

Also a couple of years. I don’t shop very often. (laughing)

Where’d you get those from?

Mark’s Work Wearhouse. I lived in an oil and gas town for a long time. The only things there were a grocery store and a Mark’s Work Wearhouse.”

That’s good enough for me.


Ken Kinnear

I noticed your hat today.

It’s a Tilley hat and I’ve had it for several years.

Whereabouts did you get it?

In Toronto.

How would you describe your style today?


When do you normally retire your hat?

When it gets colder. It’s a between the season hat. And when I’m going to work. I don’t wear it on the weekends on my own time.


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