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EDGEYK Tip: Shh, and listen to this

Something for the weekend: here’s a Librarian who doesn’t want you to keep it down

This Saturday, West Coast DJ Andrea Graham, aka The Librarian, brings her bassy brand of EDM to the Top Knight.

What’s that brand? “It’s a mash-up of Hip-hop, Jungle, Trap, Grime… I like to stay on the leading edge in all the genres,” she tells She’ll be dropping her own tunes, as well as tracks by friends across North America and in the U.K. If you like your music dark and low-end, this isn’t a show to miss.

Graham is royalty on the thriving West Coast Bass scene. She’s played some of the biggest festivals around, including Burning Man, Shambhala and Symbiosis. In 2009, she and a friend founded Bass Coast, a summer festival in Merritt, B.C. that’s become a staple of the Pacific Northwest’s festival circuit.

She’s been playing music since she was a kid. In 2004 she moved from piano and guitar to computers and decks. “I felt I could express myself more freely,” she says, “though my music is very melody-based and that comes from a strong piano background.”

It’s Graham’s first visit to Yellowknife. The Midnight Sound Club, a group of promoters trying to develop a bass scene in Yellowknife, invited her. “It’s nice to help the Northwest Pacific sound expand across the country,” she says.

And why The Librarian?

“I wear glasses, and it’s a nickname I got living in Whistler which kind of stuck” she says. “It’s also such a sharp contrast in the sounds that are included in my sets.”


Here’s a preview: