EDGEYK’s Greatest Hits: Revisit Some of Our Popular Stories

It’s our free week! Due to an avalanche of new subscribers, we’ve had to take down our paywall for some tinkering, and thought we’d turn necessary maintenance into a pleasant experience for everyone. In that spirit, we’d like to suggest some recent work that you should be sure to investigate, if you’re a new reader, or re-visit, if you’re a subscriber.

Life Outside

Our ongoing investigative series looking at Yellowknife’s street community.

Part One: Frozen Out: Homeless at sub-zero; Part Two: Frozen Foods: Hungry at Sub-Zero; Part Three: Surviving the Past: Mental Health on the Street; Part Four: Seeking Shelter: Women in the Street Community

Giant Coverup

Years ago, arsenic killed a Ndilo toddler and poisoned many others, but it was business as usual at the gold mine.

Tales of Two Cities: Whitehorse and Yellowknife

Our ongoing series comparing the two Northern capitals.


Part One: Over a year after its launch, how’s the direct flight between the two capitals doing, and is it changing anything?

Part Two: Yellowknife expats dish on what life is really like in Whitehorse

The Abstainer

Sonja Koenig on toughing it out as a teetotaller in this hard-drinking city

Ice Lake Rebels

Why are so few houseboaters on this reality show?

A Day With Muriel: Stories from Ndilo’s Matriarch

Bonding with eagles, the secrets of smoked fish, and other scenes from a life well spent

20 Years of Playing in the Snow

A history of the Snowking Winter Festival

Party Goddesses: An Oral History of Old Town’s Born-Again Virgins

These wild, woman-centric gatherings in the 1980s celebrated sexuality, rebirth, and female free will – while featuring the occasional nude dude


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