eye spy, my new northern home

My face stuck on the window in the small propeller plane I boarded in Calgary, I saw the roads getting longer, straighter, sparser, then just disappear as I drew nearer to my new town. I could really grasp its remoteness. The Bristol Freighter plane near the “Welcome To Yellowknife” sign, the planes flying low over town, the green wartime planes and the air show made me realize the role aviation has played in Yellowknife’s development. Planes on floats, planes on skis, planes getting you to a fishing lodge, water bombers fighting wildfires, planes flying miners to work or Yellowknifers to their vacation destinations: this is clearly a town on the move.

Photography is one of the reasons that brought me here. I was mostly impatient to see the northern lights, but I was amazed at the light and the big skies we get all year long. In photography, the term golden hour is used to describe that magic moment after sunrise or before sunset when the light is soft and the tones are warmer. Talk about the longest golden hour: sunsets here never end! I was dubious about photo ops in winter time, but each season gives a different tint to the landscape: pink glow in winter, bright white in the spring, yellow in summer and vibrant orange in the fall. Whatever the season, I’m always drawn outside to capture that light.




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