Face Off: Revealing the winners of YK’s coolest photo contest

Sponsored by Pat Kane Photo

About a month ago, local photographers and artists were tasked with a challenge: create a Halloween-inspired portrait and anonymously submit it to a contest that was held at The Gallery on 47th Street on October 29th and 30th. We received 14 photographs and invited the general public to view the collection and cast votes in two categories, BEST OVERALL PHOTO and BEST MAKEUP AND COSTUME. The event was scary-good, the quality of the photographs absolutely floored everyone who attended, and the voting was extremely close. The best part was that nobody knew who photographed which image. Until now!

Pat Kane Photo, in collaboration with EDGE YK, present the participants and winners of FACEOFF HALLOWEEN!

The Winners

Best Overall Photo

 photo and makeup Angela Gzowski | model Dakota Robinson

Best Makeup and Costume

 photo Samantha Stuart | makeup Nicole Garbutt | model Sarah Hunt


Worthy Opponents

Iman Kassam

 photo Iman Kassam | makeup Nicole Garbutt | model Jessica Florio

James Mackenzie

 photo James MacKenzie | makeup Nicole Garbutt | model Ardent D’hont 

Jay Bulckaert_Erika Nyyssonnen

 photo, makeup and models Jay Bulckaert and Erika Nyyssonen 

Kayley Mackay

 photo and makeup Kayley Mackay | model Desmond Mackay

Melanie Jewell 

photo Melanie Jewell | makeup Natalie Melnyk, Melanie Jewell and Brittany MacArthur-Cahill | model Natalie Melnyk 

Mike Saunders

 photo Mike Saunders

Pam Coulter

 photo Pam Coulter | makeup Pam Coulter and Emma Butler | model Grace Butler

Rachelle Verrier

 photo and makeup Rachelle Verrier | models Jessica Norris and Haleigh Pielak 

Tara Marchiori

 photo and makeup Tara Marchiori |  model Grayson Marchiori

 Trudy Hause

 photo Trudy Hause | makeup Shane Mojica Borero | model Melissa Hernandez


A very special thank-you to everyone who came out in support of our local photographers, makeup artists and models. We hope you had a great time viewing the collection. And a round of applause to the participants for signing up for this creative challenge, espcially to those who don’t normally show their art publicly. It is a big deal to put your creativity on display and you should be extremely proud of what you achieved. Congrats to all of you!

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