Flatbread Pizza with Asparagus & Smoked Arctic Char


Pre-baked flatbread or naan – 4 slices
2 oz smoked Char
7 pencil-sized asparagus – can be blanched
1.5 oz to 2 oz goat cheese
Slivered red onion
Fresh dill


I make fresh flatbread and prebake them; however, I have adapted this recipe for use with naan.

Start by spreading the goat cheese over the naan. There should be enough that when baked, it is thick in spots.

Next, lay the pencil-sized asparagus crisscross on top of the cheese. Take the smoked Char next and lay it so that it allows the asparagus and cheese to be visible. Finish it off with the slivered onions.

Bake at 500 degree F for 8 minutes



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