Front EDGE: YK winters are hard

How’s everybody doing? It’s a good time to check in with one another, make sure winter hasn’t put too much of a chill on things. Are you still feeling the magic of a midnight solar storm? Or are you too busy shining a flashlight beneath the hood of your car, making sure the jumper cables aren’t mixed up on your battery’s positive and negative terminals?

Such competing charms are what Elizabeth McMillan explores in her On EDGE: Opinion column. They’re taxing, these winter months. They tend to chew up a good many of us. Some get spit out, tattered and worn, on a beach in warmer climes to recharge, and others land in southern Canada looking for a permanent fix to mind-altering darkness and -30. It remains to be seen whether Elizabeth can stick it out until summer.

Shawn Buckley can…and he does it with thin gloves in icy water. Photographer Carole Musialek takes us on a day in the life of a Great Slave Lake ice fisherman. You might want to zip up your parka before reading.

This issue also introduces a new regular column, Yellowknife Firsts, by historian and author Ryan Silke. Ryan’s fascination with the city is boundless. He’ll leave no stone unturned in his attempts to explain the events that got us all to this point in history, starting with the geological forces that laid the rock we live upon.


You’ll see those rocks again when the snow melts. And it will, hang in.

Laurie Sarkadi


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