How a Realtor can help you sell absolutely any home (and get the best price)

Sponsored by Shane Clark of HomeLife Sunrise Real Estate

I’m Shane Clark. I live, work and play in Yellowknife, have called it home all my adult life and I’m a licensed Realtor. As we turn the corner from summer to fall, I want to share a bit of my experience and tell you how I can help make any transaction easier, no matter where a home’s listed.

Every fall, kids go back to school. Long sleeve shirts come on, and like leaves on the trees, the “FOR SALE” signs start coming down. Many become SOLD, while others decide to try again in the spring.

The month of August was very active. After a quiet July, the market really heated up. There weren’t as many purchasers as in the spring, however. Anyone finalizing decisions to move before the snow flies had a pretty good selection.

Houses, condos and pre-builds all experienced more sales. September should see more of the same as newcomers, and those coming off the lake, make final decisions on buying/selling in YK.

Was it a buyers’ or sellers’ market? That’s debatable.

There’s more choice right now than in the spring (buyers’ market).

But sale prices can be higher now than early spring (sellers’ market).

Who do you call?

Our Yellowknife real estate industry is like any other market in Canada. Realtors use the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which allows sellers to permit ANY Realtor in the city to take customers through, gather information  and submit offers. By industry standards, all Realtors act as sub-agents for the seller (vendor). The vendor pays the listing realtor for their services, who in turn compensates another company, if a Realtor from that company is representing the purchaser. This allows the prospective buyer to do a couple things.

  1. Find a Realtor you trust
  2. Use that Realtor to show you any property and prepare and submit offers on your behalf

This year, I’ve helped buyers submit accepted offers with all three Real Estate companies in Yellowknife.

Private Sales

ANY Realtor can gather information on any property in town. That’s our job, even if it’s a private sale. I’ve represented purchasers as their “buyer’s agent” four times this year (and the past 18 years), helping people purchase property “For sale by owner.” This includes properties where the vendor spent $40 on a self-generated website ad and $2,000+/- on additional services.

In all occasions, the buyer was simply more comfortable using the professional expertise and knowledge of a Realtor. As a licensed professional, I’m committed to upholding a strong code of ethics and principles when helping buyers and sellers. This means I work to get as much information as I can and adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. I also work tirelessly to market and assist in the sale of properties Yellowknife families own. AND, I also work hard to help newcomers, first-time homebuyers and longtime residents with the purchase of property.

The difference?

If you’re purchasing, find a Realtor you trust. They should help you by giving you information to achieve the best possible price and terms. Ultimately, it’s up to you make final decisions on negotiating price and terms. But the whole way along, I’m here to provide information and advice based on my training and experience making similar decisions, along with some good ol’ customer service.

So, since it is the beginning of another school year, do just like what we teach the kids….  your homework.

I’m Shane Clark and whether it’s my sign, their sign or the homeowner’s sign, I’m happy to help. Visit my website at HomeLife. Or call me or text me at 867-446-4663 or email me at You can also find me on Facebook or Twitter.

For more real estate stories, the city’s best rental board and property listings, visit Property North

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