I always fall for autumn

I’ve just flipped the page of my calendar

that’s fastened to my wall,It told me summer’s overand now it will be fall.

But gee, it’s still quite warm out

and the sun is shining strong,the birch trees’ leaves have changedtheir suits,the alders tagged along.

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One last burst of colour

while standing on the hill,The big lake turns them up-side down,when she’s mirror flat and still.

Yes, I always fall for Autumn…

Now here’s that little musk-rat

busy with his chores,collecting all the marsh grass,he’s back and forth for more.

There’s not too many boats now,

how empty is the bay;All the pleasure boatershave put their stuff away.

And now a vee formation

honks across the sky,trailing all their youngsterswho just learned how to fly.

Yes, I always fall for Autumn…

I guess I’ll find my long-johns

that I haven’t worn since June,I know it will get coolerwhen I see the Harvest Moon.

And then I’ll buy a moose tag,

I buy one every year;I’m hardly ever lucky sothey have nothing to fear.

The leaves have all been raked up

I’ve put away the tools,There’s frozen sidewalk puddles;All the kids go back to school.

Yes, I always fall for Autumn

shes lovely, don’t you know.But, I know she’ll only stay with me,until it starts to snow.


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