Kicker horse power

Verse by Anthony Foliot

you’re full blast with a four

and you wish that you had more

‘cause a guy with a six just passed by

going ten miles per hour

because he’s got horse power

flipping back his hair, he sure can fly


(he had no comb)

then coming down the straight

is a guy who’s got an eight

looking at his watch he checks the time

his smile turns upside down

when he turns and looks around

another guy, with a nine point nine

(it was a four stroke)

well here we go again

with a guy who’s got a ten

it looks like he’s got some self-esteem

he thinks he won’t be beat

hopes his victory will be sweet

should have factored in mister fifteen

(he really wasn’t thinking)

fifteen he’s got plenty

until he sees the twenty

his Cheshire grin starts to take a dive

then twenty’s in a stew

and he sure is feeling blue

there goes a guy pushing twenty-five

(and that’s a lot of horses)

here’s old Jim with a thirty

it’s kind of worn and dirty

he’s hoping that he will win the race

but Johnny’s got a forty

it’s new and kind of sporty

he wants to win judging by his face

(he sure is smiling)

fifty, sixty, seventy

you see those guys a plenty

out of gas, and going to buy some more

putt putt putt putt

and there you are

full blast with a four.

(safe boating friends…)


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