Margret and Daddy

Old Town Versifier: Anthony Foliot

In a shack overlooking Back Bay,

in Old Town Yellowknife.

There used to live, in Peace River Flats

An old boy with his wife.

He stood about five foot six,

he weighed about a hundred pounds.

But no one ever bothered him,

when he had his wife around.

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‘Cause she was a sturdy woman,

with a temper like a just woke bear…

she was called the Queen of the winos,

who one time ran for mayor.

She was Margret, Queen of the winos,

and “Daddy” was her man.

But if he ever dared to cross her,

she’d give him the back of her hand.

They’d head up town each morning,

with the rest of the wino crew.

To sweep or shovel sidewalks,

so they could buy their brew.

There was Daddy, and the rest of the boys…

sweeping or shoveling snow.

While Margret would stand like a prison guard,

and curse the ones who were slow.

Then when the job was finished,

Margret collected the pay.

She’d go and get some bottles of wine,

so they could drink the rest of the day.

Oh the parties, that they had…

down in that Old Town shack.

If Daddy or anyone got unruly,

Margret gave them a smack.

But no one else could hit Daddy,

He was Margret’s man;

And the reason that I tell you this,

Is so you could understand…

How Daddy needed Margret,

with all that she supplied…

But things all crashed around him,

the day that Margret died.

There were no more sidewalk contracts,

no more bottles of wine,

no more parties in that shack,

no more living fine.

I met Daddy, some time later,

in the Weaver’s grocery store.

He was trying to buy some Lysol,

so he could drink some more.

But Dave who’s at the counter,

wouldn’t sell him any stuff.

And Daddy he was shaking,

he was looking pretty rough.

Well, I guess he bummed some money…

when he was hanging ‘round;

Then he walked on out to Wal-mart,

on the other side of town.

Over there’s a Wal-mart greeter,

who meets you at the door.

He tells you all the cleaning products

will be in aisle four.

Yeah, Daddy bought his Lysol,

and the sun was shining hot;

Then he went and drank it all

out in the parking lot.

The shakes had gone away now,

then came the haze and blur…

Daddy crossed the parking lot,

his footsteps were unsure.

He stumbled to the Hortons,

out front, where there’s a ditch.

And then he lost his footing,

head over heels he pitched.

Down in the bottom of that ditch,

was water from yesterday’s rain.

And Daddy landed face down,

he never breathed again.

Daddy drowned in ditch water,

they found him the next day.

What a shitty way to die,

is all I have to say.


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