Old Town Versifier: A Town Without Oldtimers

You may know that…

Walking and Talking are things I like to do,

When standing on a sidewalk I have time to ask

“What’s new?”

Now, not too long ago,

while I was waiting for the light

I met one of my buddies,

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who didn’t seem quite right.

I said “Well hey there pal,

why’re you looking so sad?”

He said “We lost another old boy,

and that kinda makes me mad.”

“Just think what it would be like

if all the old folks up and died,

The ones who know the stories

of our history city-wide.”

I nodded my head and trampled the snow,

as we both stood in the street,

I thought of all the old folks

I was lucky enough to meet.

Yes, some I’ve known over thirty years

Boy, they had the time to talk!

I’d stop and let them bend my ear

right here on this sidewalk.

I looked around as we stood there,

with crowds that passed us by,

their heads bent down, their hurried pace,

They can’t see eye-to-eye.

So I shook hands with my buddy,

and wandered off a bit,

I wondered how the town would be

with no old folks left in it.

But, then I met a mother with

two little ones in tow,

and both those kids they gave me hugs,

‘cause I was someone they know.

Then later on I met some lads

who were coming home from school.

They told me about their soccer game

and how it was really cool.

When I got home I walked my dog,

and that took quite a while,

My dog’s getting pretty rickety;

But then I had to smile…

‘Cause all of a sudden I realized, the

Old-timers don’t disappear,

And if I need to see one, well

I’ll just look in the mirror.


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