Angela Gzowski

Photos: Long John Wrap-Up

Long John Jamboree wrapped up a spectacularly successful weekend, thanks to toasty temperatures and large crowds of cheerful, sun-tipsy Yellowknifers
Watching the Roughneck Relay

Ottawa-based Carver Ka Wai driving an ATV through the Jamboree

Bootied participant in the Terriers and Tiaras contest

 Ka Wai carving the tentacles on his sea beast

 Keeping calm on the ice

 Anna Hernandez soaks up the rays

The start of Canadian Championship Dog Derby

 Left, Matthew Jason; Right, Sarah Erasmus: Team Erasmus Apparel sawing towards a fifth-place finish in the Roughneck Relay

Ice sculptor’s toolbox

“The Flight of Yellowknife,” by Philadelphia-based sculptors Donald Lowing and Peter Slavin

More Roughneck Relay action

Fluffy, participant in Terriers and Tiaras, currently available for adoption at the NWTSPCA

Ka Wai and partner Steven Chung using a hotplate to attach tentacles, a difficult task considering the weekend’s unseasonably warm temperatures