Photos: Subzero Style

Pamela Williams is originally from Inuvik, but has been living in Yellowknife since 2008.

“The outer fur is wolf, the inner is wolverine. The cuffs are beaver, and down here it’s wolverine again.”

Where did you get the parka?

“My aunt made it 24 years ago. One for me, one for my daughter.”

What style is it?

“It’s Delta style. This, this is Delta braid. This is rickrack, and what you do is you cut and — really lots of work. Each is individual, right? You have to cut, measure, cut, measure, cut. And I don’t know how they sew it all together. Lots of work.”

Is it your go-to? Do you wear it all the time?


“I used to save it for special occasions and then I thought, no, my aunt worked so hard on it, and she was in her 60s, so I thought, special occasions rarely come around, so this year, I’m going to wear it every day.”

Christopher Corkal and his  technicolor, crazy liquid radio-wave mixture of awesomeness

Christopher Corkal lives in Yellowknife and was heading out for a cross-country skiing trek.

Where’d you get that suit?

“This suit was given to one of 12 people that was the medic for the Canadian Olympic Ski Team, and it was sponsored by a beer company, which is really cool, which is Labatt. They don’t do that anymore, so it’s one of a kind, and I think it’s awesome. I’ve had this for roughly 30 years and I’m only 23, so it’s been around longer than myself.”

I notice you have headphones that weirdly match your outfit.

“I feel like no matter what you’re doing, whether you’re skiing, whether you’re snowboarding, whether you’re going for a run, always gotta match it up with the colours, have the colours synced. Really, I only picked these because they fit nicely around my hat. And the fact that they colour-matched.”

Can you describe this style?

“I’d say this is ’90s retro-swag, 2050 maybe. I’m thinking, like, technicolor, crazy, liquid radio-wave mixture of awesomeness. That’s my description of what I’m wearing right now.”

Geela’s parka-style is “Unique. Colourful.”

Geela Qaqqassiq is from Arctic Bay, Nunavut, and has been in Yellowknife for the past 26 years.

Where did you get your parka?

“I’ve had this parka for almost a year. My husband designed it. It’s fox fur. I just picked out the colours and he designed the rest.”

Was this for a special occasion? A gift?

“Just because.”

Could you describe the style?

“Unique. Colourful.”

What do you love best about it?

“Oh! Purple.”

 Geela’s narwhals

 James Arthur Bourque has no words for his style

James is from Fort Smith originally. He’s been in Yellowknife for over 20 years.

I was wondering about the fur on your parka.

“Okay. Well, I got the jacket itself — it didn’t come with the fur — I got it from Weaver and Devore’s. And I got a lady friend of mine to put the fur on it. It kinda goes with the jacket.”

What made you add the fur trim?

“Just to be different. Just for something different because all the other ones, they don’t have it.”

How long have you had it for?

“I’d say a couple of years.”

Is it your go-to? Do you wear it all the time?

“Pretty much, yeah. I have a few different jackets, but yeah. This is pretty much my main jacket.”

What about your scarf?

“Oh. I got it from Just For Men, down here. And it’s like the NWT colouring, or whatever. I’ve had it for about four years.”

How would you describe this style?

“Jeeze, I don’t know. I couldn’t really. No.”



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