Photos: YK Fashion – Style on the Rocks


Lindsay Debassige

EDGE: Do you normally dress up for Folk? How did this outfit happen?

LD: I’m majorly obsessed with tie-dye, heavily by my cousin, who passed away last year. Nathan Wilson. When he passed away I wore a little piece of tie-dye every day to remember him, and I feel like at Folk I need to be remembering him even more. So I have this t-shirt, I cut it up this morning. High-waisted shorts, and my flower crown. I think of him. I think of his spirit.

Maury Wood, Harvey Carrotstick*

EDGE: Why’d you choose this outfit?

MW: It’s not that we chose the outfit. It’s more like the outfit really chose us, y’know. Got them from a place called Lord Belcourt’s that’s now defunct in Edmonton.

EDGE: How long have you had them for?

MW: About a decade.

HC: They’ve been to a lot of events they’ve been to —

MW and HC [in unison]: Weddings.

MW: Stags.

HC: They’ve been skiing.

MW: They’ve been cross-continental. They’ve gone to various festivals across the, ah —

HC: What I like most is they breathe so well. Polyester, it breathes, you know?

MW: Ultimately, it comes down to comfort and breathability.

EDGE: Are you going to wear this to next year’s Folk on the Rocks or are you going to change it up?

MW: We do have some ivory-white polyester tuxedos too, so maybe we’ll do the whites next year.

*may or may not be actual name


Ricardo Zieba

EDGE: When you come to Folk on the Rocks do you plan your outfit? You seem pretty coordinated.

RZ: I judge by the weather. So I thought today was gonna be cloudy and rainy,

EDGE: What’s the story with the vest?

RZ: I got the vest in a vintage clothing store on White Avenue in Edmonton. I got it about three years ago.

EDGE: And the hat?

RZ: The hat I got in Ecuador. It’s called a Panama hat.

EDGE: And the shirt?

RZ: Ecuador too.

Heaven Rieger

EDGE: How many times have you been to Folk?

HR: I think this is the third time I’ve been to Folk. Usually for events, I pre-plan my outfits. I kinda had a mini-idea of what I envisioned myself wearing. Definitely wasn’t concerned about wearing white. It’s either black or white for me, and I was feeling the white gave a better vibe for the day.

Kaitlyn Boak

EDGE: How did you choose your outfit.

KB: ‘Cause it’s sunny.

EDGE: Where did you get the hat?

KB: From Chicago.

EDGE: And the skirt?

KB: Edmonton.

EDGE: Did you think about your outfit before you came?

KB: No… It was comfy ‘cause it was a skirt and I needed a crop-top ‘cause it was hot… and that’s how that happened. I love the fashion at Folk. Love people-watching.

Harrison Roberts

HR: Folk, especially the beer garden, it’s just a spot where everybody’s gonna see ya. For fashion, I guess, you can really flair it out or you can, y’know…

EDGE: So let’s bring it to the outfit.

HR: Just… A lotta… I don’t know. I think I put it on thinking that it was ridiculous, and then I looked in the mirror and was like, “Actually, you’re like, killing the summer right now.”


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