Restaurant Round-Up: KFC’s Second Coming?

This weeks’ round-up feels like one big tease after another. We’ve got updates on restaurants that have been on their way for a little while now and, well, they’re still on the way. Patience is a virtue when it comes to food though, and this time the pay-off is: coffee on the go, a side of schnitzel and more talk about fried chicken.

KFC may rise again

That giant, rotating bucket of chicken just might be saved from the chopping block. On Monday, former Yellowknifer Mark Harrison posted on the popular YK Memories page on Facebook that he has applied to KFC to open another franchise in Yellowknife.

Harrison is currently in Nanaimo, but spent 27 years of his life in Yellowknife and is looking for an opportunity to return. Harrison told EDGE that, while he’s only just put in the application and it will be a while before he hears anything from KFC, he has several people in Nanaimo already interested in investing.

He added that, with Lenny Burger arising in the old franchise site and A&W down the street, he’s thinking about setting up shop near the Monkey Tree end of town this time, but he’s still open to possibilities. Now, if only someone could convince him to open up a kiosk in the airport as well, to save out-of-town KFC fans some in-town commuting on their regular chicken delivery service: then we’d really have something.

Schnitzel on the way

Veteran Bullock’s Bistro server Elke Richter is eager to feed Yellowknifers schnitzel and moussaka at the Gallery at 47th Street space once she transforms it into her own German/Mediterranean restaurant. “People keep coming up to me and asking, ‘When are you open? When are you open? I’m hungry!’” she laughs, happy for all the support “and I keep telling them, ‘Soon’!”


She says they’re hoping to finally get their building permit this week, and they’re now aiming for the beginning of September to open. Landlord Colin Dempsey explains that there’s a lot of complexities involved in converting the old gallery space, but that they’re taking steps forward every day. Stay hungry folks, stay positive, and cross your fingers from some quality wurst and spaetzle.

Mackenzie gone

It was once the place for some of the best wings in town, and despite their website, still showing pictures, and their phone tree, still allowing us to leave voicemail, the Mackenzie Lounge at the Yellowknife Inn remains closed for good after its abrupt closure a few months back.

General manager Catherine Travis confirmed that there are no plans to re-open the Lounge anytime soon, although they do keep it accessible for private functions. Travis explained that they have lately been offering extended hours (9 p.m. instead of 4 p.m. closing) at their Latitudes restaurant instead, in order to accommodate their customers and hotel guests looking for something resembling a lounge. Except, well, in a mall.

Coffee on the fly

Speaking of airports and new locations, Javaroma is still working on their airport kiosk. Although they’d originally planned to have it open and operating this month, Javaroma co-owner Rami Kassem explains that it could be another 4-5 weeks to opening day, since it took them a while to find the right contractor.

They’ve also got a lot of their equipment already lined up, but the rest is on order. “It’s summertime, and everyone’s busy, so sometimes it feels like we picked the wrong time to do this, but things are coming along”, says Kassem.


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