Snookie Catholique: Greatest Name of 2016?

Deadspin’s annual Name of the Year contest took off today, and no one was more surprised to hear that her name was in the running than the former Language Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, Snookie Catholique.

It was her first time hearing about the competition, an annual event founded on an Ivy League campus in 1983 as a way to “discover, verify, nominate, elect and disseminate great names.”

Since moving onto the blogosphere in 2007, the contest has showcased hundreds of interesting, humorous, punny and outright bizarre names, with the public voting in rounds to decide which “name-inee” gets top honour.

Past winners include Amanda Miranda Panda (2015), Shamus Beaglehole (2014), Leo Moses Spornstarr (2013), Taco B.M. Monster (2011) and Nohjay Nimpson (2010). The titles of the various tournament brackets are also pulled from past champions, including Sithole, Bulltron, Dragonwagon and Crotchtangle.

Names are both submitted online and pulled from headlines by the organizers.

Catholique has no idea how her name made it into the contest, but finds it humorous nonetheless.

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“I just hope it’s only all in fun and nothing else,” she said.

According to the organizers’ website, fun is indeed the name of the game: “All names included here are, to the best of our knowledge, real. No malice is intended.”

Past Names of the Year

2015 Amanda Miranda Panda

2014 Shamus Beaglehole

2013 Leo Moses Spornstarr

2012 No vote held

2011 Taco B.M. Monster (NOTY High Committee and The People)

2010 Nohjay Nimpson (NOTY High Committee); Steele Sidebottom (The People)

2009 Juvyline Cubangbang (NOTY High Committee); Barkevious Mingo (The People)

2008 Destiny Frankenstein (NOTY High Committee); Spaceman Africa (The People)

2007 Vanilla Dong (NOTY High Committee and The People)

2006 Princess Nocandy

2005 Tanqueray Beavers

2004 Jerome Fruithandler

2003 Jew Don Boney Jr.

2002 Miracle Wanzo

2001 Tokyo Sexwale

2000 Nimrod Weiselfish

1999 Licentious Beastie (INVALIDATED 2006; Runner-up: Dick Surprise)

1998 L.A. St. Louis

1997 Courage Shabalala

1996 Honka Monka

1995 Ballots missing

1994 Mummenschontz Bitterbeetle (INVALIDATED 2006; Runner-up: Scientific Mapp)

1993 Crescent Dragonwagon

1992 Excellent Raymond

1992 Assumption Bulltron (Name of the Decade)

1991 Doby Chrotchtangle

1990 Otis Overcash

1989 Magnus Pelkowski

1988 No vote held

1987 No vote held

1986 No vote held

1985 Godfrey Sithole

1984 No vote held

1983 Hector Camacho


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