Tech-No thank-you

Old Town Versifier: Anthony Foliot

Sitting @ the laptop was my brother and me

I encountered an issue, it was an eye dee ten tee

Well at least that’s what he told me,

he’s an expert, you know…

He tippy-typed the laptop,


the high-speed was slow.

He’s got the gadgets and the gizmos,

in his “high-tech man-purse”

But every time I moved the mouse

resulted in a curse.

Cause I’m not too versed in all this stuff

I never get it right,

He’s the tech-no wizard

enchanting a Luddite.

Yes, that’s what he called me,

a Luddite through and through;

When it comes to tech-no gadgets

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t need a gizmo to know that it’s raining,

and APPS are my food at the bar,

I know the time when the big hand strikes,

I can drive a standard car.

Yes I know how to cursive write,

I’ve cassette tapes for my tunes,

I don’t need a tech-no gadget

to know that it’s a full moon.

But I can work a pencil,

you should see me write…

It doesn’t really bug me

to be called a Luddite.


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