The Full Moon of December

Verse by Anthony Foliot

I went out on a full moon for some scrabble and some wine,

and a couple litres later you can bet that I was primed

to crash a Christmas party of the Northern broadcaster,

then standing with my first beer, well that’s when I met her.

She sure was animated when she spoke of Northern skies.


The Aurora Borealis… and she said she liked my eyes…

So then I got to thinking that she was pretty swell,

with her blue tights and party dress, a true blue Yukon Belle.

She said she found it interesting that I lived out on the lake.

I confess I wasn’t listening, my thirst I had to slake.

Though she was pretty frisky and tugged the whiskers on my face…

But the barman shouted out last call and we had to leave that place.

So we all trooped out into the night, the moon was full and round,

Then the cabbie said “no more than six” and drove off with the crew I’d found.

Well I wasn’t sure just what I’d do, or where the party lay…

But standing on the sidewalk there was my good old buddy Jay.

He told me not to worry much, the party’s location he knew…

So we hopped in a cab and made our way down Franklin Avenue.

Well, that party was still swinging, with a fiddle and guitar band…

I had grabbed the mic and was singing with a fresh cold beer in my hand.

Then again I saw that Yukon Belle with her boss, and he tried to advise her

To stay away from the likes of me, ‘cause I was a “womanizer.”

But that didn’t seem to bother her, when we chatted it up some more,

while the band started to pack things up and the dancers left the floor.

Then everyone left that party and we grabbed a taxi ride.

My buddy Brent in the front seat babbling, and the Yukon Belle by my side…

I saw her safely to her place and generally feeling swell,

and when I stumbled home myself, the wife she gave me hell.

But I’ll think about that ‘Full Moon Night’ when I was “on the town,”

and wonder ‘bout that Yukon Belle that I never see around.

Happy Holidays friends.


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