The Return of Erebus and Terror

“This is our perennial gig, we’re loyal to the castle,” says guitarist and bassist Travis Mercredi of tomorrow’s Snow Castle show. “It’s our home base when it comes to playing live.”

Over the last year, members of the band have played the occasional gig, but the group hasn’t gathered under the Erebus and Terror banner since the funeral of the band’s drummer Walter Girrior, who died last January.

It’s been tough playing without Walter, says Travis, but “we’ve been playing together for 12 years – the six piece was an amalgamation of our different bands – so we have longevity. Playing with this group of people, whatever happens we’re going to continue on. It’s coded in us.”

With only three of the original members, it will be a pared-down version of the band: Bryce Styan and Steve Whittaker on guitars, Travis on bass and a laptop for drum loops and synths.

“We’re really trying something new, and I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty packed. So we’re diving rather than wading in; if things go wrong it’s going to in front of a lot of people,” says Travis with a laugh.

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Leading up to the concert, the band has released four new songs on Bandcamp: three down-tempo and spacious tunes written by Bryce and one dancier, synth-driven track by Steve.

“We have a hard drive full of music; some is finished, some isn’t. We decided to put some of it out there,” says Travis. “We’re not writing with any specific goal, it’s just the stuff that’s happened in Steve’s studio over the past year.”

Unfortunately for Erebus and Terror fans, the new releases don’t signal an upcoming album. But Travis says Friday’s gig “is just a first step back to playing live shows leading up to the summer.”

Joining the band on the icy stage is guitarist and singer Gregory McLaughlin and DJ/Rapper duo Bouge and Bipolar.

Tickets are $15 and doors are at 9:00.


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