The Valentine’s Day Tea

Old Town, 1960s

The Liquor Store, the Government Building, and the Rex Cafe

Could easily be walked to, along the new Causeway.

And so I set out walking, all jaunty and carefree

Then found myself in the Rex Cafe for their Valentine’s Day Tea.

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There was Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Smith, there’s Mrs. Murphy too…

There’s sure a lot of, for sure there’s quite a few.

Then glancing ‘round the room I was quick to observe…

A bunch of pretty Misses with all their special curves.

There was Miss Taken in a tizzy, Miss Understood complains,

Cynical Miss Anne Thropic, and a few I could Miss Name…

Like Miss Feasance, she’s a gangster, with her brother Mal

I only sort of knew him, but I wouldn’t call him pal.

Over there sits dear Miss Fortune, she seems a tad distressed…

There’s Miss Communication and scattered Miss Cellaneous

Old Miss Hap and Miss Conduct, tried to enlighten me

How I had fallen to the spell of Miss Ology.

Then Mrs. Plank and Mrs. Plane, commenced to raise a fuss

While I danced with grave Miss Givings, and the pretty Miss Terious

So I quit with the dancing, and I moved to the side

For some punch and baked goodies, that the supplied.

Well, trust Miss Trust and Miss Treat, to exclaim when they perceived

Miss Appropriation, slip something up her sleeve.

And the holy Miss Ion and the proper Mrs. Primm, blamed

Poor Miss Guided-Justice and said stealing was a sin.

So I stole a few more glances at the lovely Misses there

Again I loaded up my plate and went and found a chair.

Then in walked Miss Nomer, who’s actually Miss Ter

And then, a hush fell all around the room…

She was wearing a new gown, borrowed from his sister

So I figured I’d be leaving pretty soon.

Then to all the Misses and the, I gave them hugs and kisseses

I told them the cakes and pies were delicious, and headed out to do some business

And thought to myself how curious this is.


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