This year’s Dead North films now online!

Sponsored by the crazed creative clan at Artless Collective, the same damned people who work tirelessly to bring you Dead North. You’re welcome.

Whether you’ve waiting patiently or found yourself thrown into a rage waiting for the day to arrive, it’s finally time: this year’s Dead North films are now available right here.

Having just wrapped its fourth year, the Dead North film festival’s the world’s only circumpolar genre festival where filmmakers brave the dirtiest, deadliest cold to create horror, sci-fi and fantasy flicks.

Dead North excellence is recognized through the Zombear (above, created by Matt Aebig) and here are this year’s winners:

Best Film: Everybody Knows Me

Best Screenplay: Akóó

Best Director: Reuben Ward (Everybody Knows Me)

Best Cinematography: Preserved

Best Editing: Preserved

Best VFX: Helios

Best Practical Effects: Hag

Best Actress: Shannon Scott (In My Dreams)

Best Actor: Blair Douglas (Everybody Knows Me)

Best Sound: Uiri

Best Original Music: Locked In

Best Death: Killer Workout

Best Trailer: Cast Iron

Best Poster: Helios

Best Use of Mandatory Line: Deadline

Best Mandatory Shot: In My Dreams

Audience Choice: Killer Workout

On the Dead North Vimeo page, you might notice a few flicks missing. That’s likely because the filmmakers are keeping their work offline until it’s accepted to other festivals, which is their right as artists and something we totally respect.

Finally, with three sold-out shows and a pile of well-attended workshops, Dead North was, once again, an unqualified success that’s helping grow the size and capacity of the northern film industry. As with most awesome things, Dead North couldn’t happen without some amazing sponsors. In no particular order, here they are:

So that’s a wrap for another year of the circumpolar world’s deadliest film festival. Thanks to everyone who spent the many hours it takes to make a film, as well as everyone who pitched in to work on one. If you’re looking to keep track of things as they unfold for next year, like our Facebook page.

Until next year, enjoy this pic of this year’s awesome Zombear winners.

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