Tonight! Yellowknife Basketball Association Finals Preview

After months of late-night regular-season hoops played at gyms across the city, the YKBA finals are upon us. This year’s match-up pits the talented southern-transplant dominated Fire Prevention against Yellowknife hoops all-stars (past and present) Fire Prevention is the favourite to take home a fourth-straight title, but expect to put up a fight as the underdog, fresh off an upset of Ragged Ass Ballers and brimming with confidence. breaks down the match-up.

Centre FP  – Morgan Gallagher

Coming off a YKAFL regular season MVP and a cameo’d bleacher photo shoot on, the smooth-talking teacher is looking to add another ring to his CV. With upcoming holidays on his mind, the wear-and-tear from football, basketball and underwater hockey are starting to take a toll on the lengthy beast. Can he put distractions from an upcoming wedding out of the way to win another belt?

Centre EDGE – Roman Bourque

Nobody likes to have their season end early. Even fewer people like to be knocked out of two different sports by the same team. After staining the sheets in his football semis at the hands of Morgan’s football team, Roman has the opportunity to be eliminated in basketball by the same group of superfriends who make up most of both teams. If Bourque doesn’t step up, this could be an awkward diary entry at the end of the week.

Power Forward FP – Travis Schindel

This beast of a human could be the league’s only true PF. After coming off a weekend championship filled with tasty treats, Travo will need to regain focus and do what he does best, quietly dishing out punishment with his lumberjack frame. Travo plays a key role cleaning the glass and banking threes. If his ankle is 100 percent, he could swing the game.

Forward EDGE – Cole Marshall

There’s no power in this man’s game, so the word was removed. Cole Marshall is tall and not a guard. so we’ll call him a forward. The golf pro likes to spend his winters shooting threes and playing a matador to the other team’s bull on defence. Cole likes to score and doesn’t like to get hit, which is quite the combo in hoops. But if he gets on a roll, it could decide the entire outcome.

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Cole Marshall |

Agitator FP – Jeremy Bird

This isn’t really a position, rather a style of game. Jeremy Bird, the league’s Shaun Avery, does a great job stirring the pot and is incredulous when his opponents react after he shanks them in the kidney. Bird plays great D and can contribute offensively when needed. His intangibles complement the team’s skilled players nicely.

Small Forward EDGE – Kirk Tastad

The league’s nice guy who gets the most injuries, Kirk an all-around good guy and player. A nice baseline and post-up game are nicely complemented by the best trash talk in the league. Kirk isn’t afraid to talk nasty after lighting you up for 15 points and six offensive boards. As well, the good minister’s Sunday’s sermons are a can’t miss, no joke.

Guard FP – Mat Gagnon

The Quebec import with the illegal knee brace likes to get after it on D. His D is aggressive and usually bothers the other team’s best scorer. His French cursing is fun for all and his dismay at a ref’s call is usually on point. Mat plays well with backcourt lifemate Simon Markowski. Three steals and 8-10 PPG are a lock for Mat.

Guard EDGE – Eman Ramos

The QB of the EDGE offense is also Basketball NWT’s Technical Director. Eman dictates the game’s flow and is the only player on EDGE capable of guarding someone with speed. Eman plays best after getting a “mean-on” after he turns the ball over. EDGE will need two big games from Eman if they hope to win the series.

Small Forward EDGE – Mike Mathison (Wiz)

The Wiz likes badminton but is fairly good at basketball, possessing up-and-unders from the Hakeem Olajuwon manual of offensive moves. The league’s oldest player still has plenty left in the tank and has hinted at getting after it by hustling and hitting the floor during the finals.

Juggernaut Guard FP – Simon Markowski

The regular season MVP (we just decided) is the league’s best shooter and guard. If the league had stats, Simon would average 22 points per game with a close-to .500 three-point shooting percentage. An expert at pick-and-pop situations and finding open teammates, if Simon gets hot the series will be over in two games.

Benches – These guys aren’t good enough to start, so who cares? editorial pick – While we wish the best to both sides, we have to go with the team we sponsor winning in three games and ending the FP dynasty.

Felix Flamand | YB Services Jrs

Neil Estuye | Ragged Ass Ballers


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