Top 5 Ways Coyote’s Stretches Your Summer Student Budget

Sponsored by Coyote’s Steakhouse & Lounge

It’s summer, you’re home from school and money’s tight.

You might be working the same gig you did in high school because, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t find a better one. Or maybe you’re still looking for something to keep you busy. Even if you’ve lucked out and are making that sweet GNWT summer student cash, your parents keep telling you to save, save, save for the future, which probably isn’t a bad idea.

No matter your situation, you get more bang for your student buck at Coyote’s. Here are five reasons to head there this summer:

1. Saturday Steak and Eggs (AKA the ultimate hangover cure)

Every Saturday, those in the know hit Coyote’s for YK’s best breakfast deal. It’s just $10 for a 7 oz New York striploin served with a pair of Polar Eggs from Hay River, hash browns, and toast.

2. Sizzling Shrimp Saturdays

The city’s best seafood deal, hands down. Get 10 crispy battered jumbo shrimp in 14 different delicious flavours for just $8.

3. Wing Wednesday and 2-for-1 wings/ribs on Tuesday

Get a pound of wings on Wednesday for $7 and two 2-for-1 wings and dry ribs on Tuesday. Sure, there are other Wednesday wing nights, but how many of them were crowned best overall wings by EDGE YK magazine? That’s right, only Coyote’s.

4. Burger and a bucket Mondays

For just $25 get a delicious ½ pound burger and fries with a bucket filled with the perfect accompaniment. Tailor-made for those on a budget after a hard day pounding the pavement looking for work.

5. FREE Pool

Why spend the night pouring loonies or toonies into the table when you can play free in the lounge? Warning: DO NOT, under any circumstance, accept an offer from owner Ed But to play for your shirt. Rumour is he’s talking about extending the lounge just to make space to add to the wall filled with shirts and hats taken from unsuspecting pool victims.

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