Truck falls through ice near Joliffe Island

This Ford F-150 fell through while parked and — after 10 people spent the day working to haul it out — is now back on top of the ice.

On Monday afternoon, a parked truck fell through the ice near Joliffe Island, across from government dock. No one was inside, and the ice-encrusted Ford-150 was safely back on the surface when EDGE checked out the scene late Tuesday night. Around 10 people spent the day cranking the truck up using hand winches, chains and long planks of wood.

According to one of the people helping with the lift, the truck had fallen through about 50 metres off shore and settled to the bottom with about about five feet of water overhead. You could still see a truck-shaped hole in the ice near the fish processing plant.

“I think it’s the lower water levels,” said one person on the scene. “I mean there’s always thin ice around Joliffe Island, around the points. I think with the lower water levels it just created eddies where people aren’t used to them.”

There was no other indication that the ice on Yellowknife Bay is unsafe. The ice in the channel has been more than six inches thick since Nov. 21, the last testing date posted on the City’s website. And other vehicles were driving on the bay and parked safely nearby when we went down to see what was going on.


“I think this is a one off, a crazy little soft spot formed.”

EDGE will update the story, if more information about the ice conditions becomes available.

A truck-sized hole in the ice, with the lights of Air Tindi in the distance.


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