Two Ships in the Night

(A love story that moves me)

Verse by Anthony Foliot

If love was a shipping lane, and we’re a northbound & southbound tanker,

we’d never seem to find the time to drift around the anchor.

But I’ve got my radar locked on you, and there’s a following breeze,

the bears are wandering up in the hills and the birds are aloft in the trees.


At the port in the storm we can stay and get warm, while the harbor fills with fog,

and the Skipper was pissed ‘cause I spent my shift writing your name in the log.

If love was an aero-plane, and you’re a Norseman and I’m a Twin Otter,

I wonder if we’d find the time to set down on the same water.

But the duty roster is full this week, and dispatch is swamped with calls,

the ravens are drifting up on the wind & the fish are below the falls.

At the base on the bay, the engineers say that my floats are time-expired,

while the tower was pissed when I flew by swift ‘cause your love had me inspired.

If love was an automobile, and you’re a Chevy and I’m a Ford,

we could park in the lot with the time that we got and I swear we’d never be bored.

Yet my alternator is wearing down, and my rad has sprung a leak,

and my old dog howls and some cats meow like they haven’t been fed in a week.

Still even though my headlights are dim, and I’ve got myself a spare tire,

you have filled my heart with quality parts plus a spark plug of desire.


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