Why your business should hire a photographer

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No matter who I’m shooting for, I make sure my images exceed the client’s expectations. With commercial photography, that means shooting pictures that tell the story of the organization and represent its people in a way that supports the brand or image you’ve worked so hard to develop.

It also means making sure you see value in hiring me again. If you’ve been thinking about hiring a professional photographer for your business or government department, here are a few reasons you should:

1. You look professional

Whether it’s your website, a brochure or other piece of promotional material, simply having professional head shots tells potential clients they’re dealing with a top-notch organization. This reassures them, which makes them more likely to get in touch to talk about a project, which brings you new business. Simple.

2. Stock is cheap, but it makes your business look cheap, too!

Your business is unique and the images representing it should be, too. Sure, you can buy a stock photography image for a few bucks, but then you look just like the other hundreds of businesses using the same image. Hiring a photographer helps your business stand out.

3. It’s not that expensive (o

r it doesn’t have to be)

Sure, if you want me to hitch a ride in a helicopter and do a two-day shoot over the barrenlands, things will get pricey. But if you’re a small business and want me to shoot studio head shots, or take pictures of your team outside, or at your office, prices start at a few hundred bucks. If you let me know your budget, I’ll get you the greatest possible value. After all, I’m a small business, too, and totally understand what it’s like!

4. You want to record your successes

Whether it’s a company picnic, or something you’ve organized to bring clients together, you want GREAT photos of these events. The kind of photos your employees or clients will share on social media and with their family and friends to show them what a great place they work.

5. I’m another person thinking about your business

I care about all of my clients. That means when you hire me, I spend time thinking about your business or organization’s image. I just really care about the people I work with. It may sound cheesy, but I can’t help it. Basically, once we work together, I want you to feel like you have a part-time marketing or image expert on your team.

I’m an award-winning photographer based in Yellowknife, but will travel for assignments, if requested. You can email me at photo@agzowski.com or call me at 867-444-6070 or view my portfolio and other work at my website. The following are just a few of the types of images I’ve shot for clients and give you an idea of what I can do for you.


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