Yellowknife Yards

Like most Yellowknifers, I become a tour guide any time a friend or family member comes to town. I’ve actually become quite good at it, too: “This is the Wildcat Café, YK’s oldest restaurant. Up there is Pilot’s Monument. Yes, Buffalo Airways still use these airplanes. Those are the houseboats the Ice Lake Rebels live in when they’re not hunting their food. No, there is no Starbucks.”

This past fall, I took a guest around town who got a real kick out of something I’ve never really considered before: Yellowknife’s eccentric properties. If you walk around, you’ll notice some of the cool, weird, messy, interesting and beautiful yards we have.

Some homes are decorated with knick knacks from the dump and a lot of yards are full of random vehicles. Some homes are under eternal renovations while others are Northern Chic. And what is with all of the trampolines? With the idea now firm, I decided on a small ongoing photo project called Yellowknife Yards. Below are some of the homes and yards I’ve already photographed. If you’re a homeowner with an interesting house or yard, get in touch!

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