YK Faces: At Ragged Ass

With its hard-rocking soundtrack and semi-offensive wall decorations, Ragged Ass Barbers kind of feels like a recently divorced guy’s rec room at times. But even if you aren’t necessarily a fan of the work of Hank Williams III or Ozzy’s solo stuff, this place is serious about the art of cutting men’s hair. Ragged Ass’s colourful crew of cutters can give you lively and informed discourse about a wide range of topics from fishing to those buncha idiots in [name of institution], or they can give you a cut in complete, restful silence as you doze in the chair. And its YK Center location makes it a crossroads for Yellowknifers in need of a trim, some of whom come in with family or friends in tow.

Leroy Betsina keeps an eye on the patrons in front of him at the “walk-ins only” barbershop so he doesn’t miss his turn in the chair

Ryan Peters, his wife Michelle, and daughters Larah and Rivka, wait in line for Roald to get his hair cut.

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 Aron Abadi working on a fresh cut

Responsible for sweeping up hair and creating art on the sign-in board, Jaida Edjericon takes a few minutes to relax between cuts

Peter Houling laughs while getting his hair cut

Fresh to Yellowknife via Norman Wells, Trevor Bremner waits to get his mop chopped

Ken Baigent regards his sharp cut



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