Reefer Gladness?

There are still many unanswered questions around the impacts of cannabis, but Tim Edwards rolls out what we know so far about buying and selling weed in YK – legally.

Raped, Not Reported

Before we demand that women report sexual assault, we need to make sure there’s a possibility for justice

YK’s Restaurant Renaissance

A new generation of ambitious eateries is raising the city’s culinary bar. But can Yellowknife really support this boom? 

Youth on the Run

How did two people escape from the North Slave Young Offenders Facility last week? They walked through an unlocked front door. Why was that door unlocked? EDGE explains

How Much Did That Internet Outage Cost Us?

It’s not clear yet whether today’s territories-wide phone and internet outage was thanks to a misdirected backhoe or a prisoner tunnelling out of an Edmonton jail and straight through a fibre line (more likely, right?). What we do know is that for nearly three hours this morning it seemed like a nuclear war had taken

Who Is Our Next Premier?

Former premier Nick Sibbeston might not have been Mr. Perfect per say, but he’s certainly Mr. Average – for an NWT premier, at least. A typical NWT premier, according to our data dive is male, of Indigenous background (only two — George Braden and Dennis Patterson — have been non-Indigenous), represents a region from South Great

Was Devolution Illegal?

Dene National Chief Bill Erasmus is calling for a full review of the 2014 legislation behind NWT devolution, but on what grounds? Erasmus kicked off the annual assembly of Dene chiefs this week with another of his regular speeches targeting Canada and the territorial government over treaties, title and duty to consult, this time calling

The Wildcat Scandal: Why We Eat Imported Fish on the Shore of Great Slave

With a lake swarming with fish a literal stone’s throw away, it’s little wonder that news that Yellowknife’s most iconic cafe was serving imported fish and calling it Great Slave Pickerel, should cause a mighty brouhaha. Yet according to a local restaurateur, most of the time you’re eating “pickerel” in Yellowknife restaurants, you’re actually chowing

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