Off the Hook: Signs of Life in Our Local Fishing Industry

As the NWT fishing industry struggles to revive itself, local fisherman Brian Abbott has a solution that he thinks will revolutionize the way Great Slave Lake fish are harvested. Abbott hopes to introduce a mobile, automated fish processing system, speeding up the process from net to delivery. It could be the answer to increasing the

Selling Yellowknife to the World

“Yellowknife is on the edge—of expansive lakes, untamed wilderness, of civilization itself—putting visitors on the cusp of a diverse range of activities and experiences…” This is the branding language suggested to city council on Monday by local communications consultant Leanne Tait, as part of a strategy to establish a ‘Destination Marketing’ organization that will promote

New Helicopter Biz Takes Off In YK

Despite a general slowdown in Northern mining and exploration, a new Yellowknife-based helicopter company is set to begin operating later this month. The company, Acasta HeliFlight Inc., is a partnership between long-time Yellowknife aviation entrepreneur Adam Bembridge and international helicopter company HNZ Inc. They’ll be starting with a fleet of six helicopters, four of which

Making Power Pay: One Solution for The Communities

For proponents of building small-scale economies across the North, it isn’t just about creating local jobs and insulating communities from the peaks and valleys of the extractive, southern-investment-based economic system we currently have. It’s also about building local revenue capacity, so that Aboriginal and municipal governments have some sort of recurring income to help run

Chinese Wave: A New Company Bets Big On YK

It may be a hackneyed phrase, but most of us can agree that the Northwest Territories is, as NWT Tourism likes to remind us, pretty darn “spectacular.” We’ve got the aurora, pristine surroundings and countless opportunities for outdoor activities, from fishing to snowmobiling, hunting to canoeing. It should, all things considered, be a great place

Master Blaster: Developing, Mike Mrdjenovich’s Way

Critics say the outspoken developer is creating ecological atrocities, while others say he’s the builder the city deserves. We ask him about his latest controversial project, and find out what’s coming next.

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