Paddle Plans: Your Next Big Summer Adventure

From the April/May issue of EDGEYK: Dan Wong gives some expert advice on how to execute an epic, do-it-yourself wilderness canoe trip down the Coppermine River

Meat Creep

From the April/May issue of EDGEYK: Is Yellowknife really the place where vegetarianism dies? EDGE YK food writer Amy Lam explains the politics and the passion behind what she chooses to eat

Two Weeks of Pink

From the April/May issue of EDGEYK: Jess Dunkin Goes on an Adventure in Eating Discounted Food

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Aging, ailing parents, long distances, and hard choices. It’s an emotionally grueling equation many Yellowknifers must try to solve. Joanne Stassen ponders the grief and the guilt that arise.

Last Looks at the Robertson Headframe

EDGE presents Artless Collective’s video capturing the last moments of the Robertson Headframe, and Terry Woolf’s poem on what it used to stand for

ICYMI: Coyotes in the City

Clever and quick to multiply, coyotes are settling back into life in Yellowknife. But are they too close for comfort?

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