YK Hood by Hood: Downtown

Dysfunctional,  diverse, utilitarian, with flashes of inspiration, our troubled downtown is still our hub

Better Than YK: 16 Gems From the NWT’s Small Towns

What do the territory’s communities have that the capital doesn’t? Plenty! From dry fish in Tsiigehtchic to donuts in Fort Providence, a look at the unique joys to be found outside city limits

The Legend of Billie Bylaw

Whether or not you broke the law, if you lived in Yellowknife in the 1970s/80s, you probably remember this authority figure

Berry Good Time of Year: A Picker’s Guide

After years of poor to mediocre crops, this fall’s cranberry harvest looks to be a bumper. Here’s the dos and don’ts of berry-picking around Yellowknife

Look at Me

From the August/September issue of EDGE YK magazine: She survived breast cancer and reconstructive surgery, then agreed to have her new, and scarred, body photographed for a public exhibit. Here’s why.

YK History – The First Inn Under The Rock

The Molly Hogan was not an elegant vessel. It would not win any awards for craftsmanship, nor was it the quickest ship on the northern waterways, but for the prospectors and miners in Yellowknife, the small diesel-driven tugboat and its barge was a lifeline to the outside world. Northern Transportation Company Limited (NTCL) first sent

When Strangers Sleep on Your Couch

“Would you like to join us for Halloween tonight?” I asked my French couchsurfer. He was a little hesitant. Having never celebrated Halloween in Europe, he wasn’t quite sure what he would be getting himself into; but since there was a chance the Northern Lights might break free of the clouds that night, he decided to go

Small Town Underground

Above the whiteboard scribbled with self-deprecating references to songs with no names, a creased 8.5 x 11 of the late Lemmy stares down at the room, the sharpie-scrawled words below him demanding ‘Play Harder.’ The DIY motivational poster is just one of the the many scraps lining the walls of LiverFight’s studio in Fort Smith,

Paranormal North: Tales of the Bushman

“He wasn’t hiding or anything — he had no shame in his game!” Those are the words of Kelsi Camsell of Behchoko, one of the latest Northerners to spot what she is sure was the elusive nàhgą, or Bushman, at Chan Lake on July 14. She and her parents were making a pit-stop on their

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