Best of the Fest: Folk Moments 2016

It’s still too soon to tell how bottom-line successful this year’s back-from-the-brink festival was. But judging from the bustling crowds and epic beer-garden line-ups, it certainly looked like all the hard work paid off.  Here’s a selection of gorgeous images taken by Angela Gzowski during the fest’s two days of sun, music and people:  The

A Positive Lens: Photo Project Re-Frames Indigenous Past

Above the mesmerizing, almost otherworldly, black and white photo, the short, vague caption reads: Two young eagles with dene woman, 1956 She is unnamed, glaring into the camera, both fiercely mothering and yet guarded by the hovering eaglets perched before her like two sleek gargoyles, thickly taloned despite their youthfulness. CREDIT: NWT Archives/Henry Busse fonds/N-1979-052:

The Gold Range Is a Pokéstop: Pokémon GO Hits Yellowknife

You can’t catch’em all… Unless you have endless hours of your day to devote to running around Yellowknife, through every park and past every piece of public art. If you’re not willing to go far, you’ll just keep stumbling into Rattata, the equivalent of an annoying rat, over and over again. Pokémon Go – an

YK Hood by Hood: The Suburbs

Beyond the Multiplex, where most of Yellowknife actually lives, is a world to itself

Wasn’t That a Party! Remembering the NWT Pavilion at Expo 86

Thirty years ago, Vancouver invited the world to its party… and the world came. The occasion was Vancouver’s 100th birthday. The party was the World Exposition on Transportation and Communications, known as Expo 86. Over 22 million visitors came to the celebration, and about 1.5 million of them were lured into a building designed to

YK History: Tom Payne’s Lucky Strike

Gold-seeking attention turned to the volcanic belt on Yellowknife Bay’s western shore in 1936. By breakup, it was staked near solid. Burwash Mine employees were responsible for many of these claims, including Thomas Payne, the prospector that sustained Yellowknife’s reputation as a gold rush region. Every story of a new mining camp has a character

Egged on: YK’s Growing Infatuation with Chickens

Talk chicken to a northerner and chances are they’ll assume you’re talking spruce grouse…and they’ll probably start to get hungry. But these days, Yellowknifers are more often referring to their downy Buff Orpingtons or their cold-resistant Partridge Chanteclers when talk turns fowl. The hearty heritage breeds of domestic hens, known for their egg-laying bounties, have

A Yellowknifer Returns: With Snakes!

Paul Goulet, better known as Little Ray, started his lifelong love affair with critters and crawlers as a kid growing up in Yellowknife. There was fishing near the pump house, and hunting trips with his dad, Big Ray. If you knew where to look, a hike out to Cameron Falls could yield plenty of spiders.

Solving the Mystery of “Plane Crash Island”

When my family and I set out for a paddling trip earlier this year, we turned to Arctic Tern’s series of excellent brochures and maps of popular canoe routes around Yellowknife to pick a destination. A passage in the Tibbitt Lake Loop brochure caught our eye: “It is also possible to view the remains of

Inside the Fat Fox

It’s getting harder and harder to find a crappy cup of coffee in this city. Some of the old guys who used to meet at the Diner on 50th every morning to discuss important issues of the day such as who exactly is the biggest jackass in town have been deeply shaken by the arrival

The Triumphant Return of GRTTWAK

If you’ve got a stash of teen love letters, diaries, or notebooks from grade school, Dan Misener wants to hear from you. The producer of the popular podcast Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids is returning to Yellowknife to live tape another open mic event at the Top Knight on Friday, July 8. “We

Portaging the NWT: an Uplifting Experience

“To reach the real gems, you have to do some legwork.” So says Bill Stirling, gazing at a Northwest Territories map from his basement office at Yellowknife’s Overlander Sports. In the NWT, half the joy of canoeing (and most of the effort) takes place outside the boat. The portage —  picking up your canoe and

Paranormal NWT: YK’s Haunted Music Scene

It was late, around midnight, and drummer Kevin Dunbar was alone in the jam space at the old Yellowknife dairy in Kam Lake when he saw a young Inuk boy looking at him from the doorway. “He kind of did a little bit of a jump in front of me — kind of like ‘grrr,’

Wild Food: Can the NWT Learn from Denmark?

Fireweed to start. Matsutake mushrooms for the main, washed down with spruce tips beer. And hold the morels. The first sightings along Highway 3 in recent days mean morel mushroom mania is ramping up for another summer,  Posh restaurants like these uncommon, sought-after mushrooms, which pop up -post forest fire, and little roadside economies sprout wherever the

Street Eats 2016: The EDGE Food Truck Guide

Congrats! You made it through the seasonal doldrums, when parkas are a thing of the past but shorts and skirts are still a questionable legwear decision. June is here, and with it, the joys of summer eating. To accompany the summer patio guide we published last week, here’s an overview of your outdoor food options,

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