Murderers’ Row: Three Alleged Killers Make YK Court Appearances

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to remove the name of a victim who was later covered by a publication ban. Yellowknife’s courthouse saw an unusually dense concentration of alleged murderers today, with three accused killers appearing before a territorial court judge on the same day. Denecho King: The most high-profile was Denecho King,

Hunting Donald Trump Jr. in YK

At some point yesterday morning, did you feel the urge to build a wall across the highway to keep out all those job stealin’, drug-takin’ Edmontonians? Did you briefly consider kicking a baby out of a crowded room, or maybe insulting the parents of a dead hero soldier? You too, eh? Might have been the

Just in Time for Pride: Rainbow Centre Opens

With NWT Pride entering its 5th year this weekend, City Hall showing support for the LGBTQ community with rainbow crosswalks, and even JTFN raising a rainbow flag, Yellowknife seems, in many ways, to be maturing into a progressive town. Yet despite all those signs, there’s been no space in town specifically geared towards welcoming and

Yellowknife’s Missing Midwives

Five days after having her daughter Aveline with a midwife in Hay River, Lindsay Arseneau was weathered in by an April storm – her return flight to Yellowknife cancelled. Her husband and their young son had flown home before the storm struck. She’d have to wait two more days. She laughs about staying with a

KFC Is Coming Back, Baby: Restaurant Roundup

Dash the curtains and take off the mourning garments — you might want to keep the hankies and the wet wipes though (fingers will be licked). The season of great lamentation is over. KFC is coming back to town. The man behind the plan doesn’t want his name out there yet, but he tells EDGE

Keeping It Up: GNWT to Save Headframe

In coming weeks the GNWT will announce a deal to save the iconic Robertson Headframe from impending demolition, according to a source close to the issue. Confirmed details are still scarce as negotiations between the territorial government and Miramar Northern Mining Ltd, the subsidiary of Newmont Mining which owns the mine, are ongoing, the source

27 Overdose Deaths in NWT in Five Years

Twenty-seven people died of drug overdoses in the NWT between 2009 to 2014, according to a report just issued by the territory’s Chief Coroner. Of these deaths, due to “non-intentional poisoning by narcotics,’ four were related to fentanyl, the ultra-potent opiate that’s been causing havoc across the country; three of these involved illegally acquired fentanyl,

Robertson Headframe: Not Dead Yet…

Dampen the death knells; the Robertson Headframe may not be on its last legs — at least not yet. Yes, the demolition contract has been awarded. Yes, Miramar Northern Mining Ltd., the subsidiary of Newmont Mining that owns the site, is actively ticking the boxes needed to knock the iconic structure down. And yes, even

Gender, the Indian Act and Missing and Murdered Women

Sharon McIvor remembers a case she worked on 25 years ago: a First Nations man in B.C. was charged with giving fish to someone who wasn’t entitled to it, and had his nets confiscated. “Who he had given the fish to was his daughter,” says the lawyer and professor, descended from B.C.’s Lower Nicola First

Prominent Performer, Houseboat B&B Operator Charged With Sexual Assault

Well-known Yellowknife actor, musician and houseboat B&B operator Daniel Gillis has been charged with three counts of assault and one count of sexual assault. Two assault charges stem from 2014, while the other assault charge and the sexual assault charge are from this year. Gillis was arrested at the end of May and appeared in

City Briefs: Stanton Work Camp Decided, and the Great YK Water Debate Kicks Off

After a false start, a lot of confusion and some dire predictions, a temporary work camp for Stanton Hospital construction workers will be built within city limits. On Monday night, City Council voted unanimously to begin rezoning the area behind the Field House to allow for a work camp. The hospital builders Bird/Clark Stanton Joint

More than Money: What’s the Real Value of Working with the Land?

It’s relatively easy to put a figure on the value that mining brings to the NWT economy, or list the number of public sector jobs created by government initiatives. But how do we quantify the returns from investment in land-based programs? An Australian-based research group is in the NWT this month helping two First Nations

Stanton Workcamp’s Likely Location Revealed

The land behind the Fieldhouse parking lot will likely become the site of a 150-person temporary work camp, with City Council backpedaling on their previous ‘no Stanton work camp in Yellowknife’ stance. On Monday, representatives from Clark Builders, half of the consortium designing and building the new Stanton Hospital megaproject, outlined three possible camp sites

Northland Accuses Power Corp of Planning Hostile Takeover

The head of the largest power provider in the territory is accusing the GNWT of planning to expropriate their assets while manipulating power pricing to win contracts. These blistering accusations from Northland Utilities’ vice-president of Northern Development, Doug Tenney, were delivered yesterday in the Legislative Assembly to non-government MLAs on the Standing Committee of Priorities

Homeless Youth To Get Housed First

As the City mulls over a proposal to provide Housing First to adults, youth-focused SideDoor Ministries, which runs both the Side Door and Hope’s Haven, have announced they’ll be starting their own Housing First program. “Youth have identified what they need in order to end their homelessness, so we want to respond to that,” says

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