Not Dead Yet: Stanton Workcamp Back on City Agenda

The idea of building a temporary work camp in Yellowknife may not be as dead as City Council’s surprising ‘No’ vote two weeks ago suggested. This coming Monday, construction company Clark Builders, half of the consortium building the new hospital, is scheduled to give a presentation “regarding a Temporary Work Camp” to council in a

Saving the Season: Hay River’s Arena Dilemma

Ice aficionados in Hay River aren’t looking forward to losing their last season before the Arctic Winter Games come to the South Slave in 2018, but sport organizers are positive that they’ll be able to salvage some kind of season for their skaters. “Our season may not look the same as it has in previous

City Briefs: Old Town Congestion Won’t Be Solved Soon

Two weeks after City Council nixed the idea of putting parking spots across from The Woodyard, questions about congestion in Old Town were back on the agenda. When the decision was made not to add 13 angled parking spots along the Old Town portion of Franklin Ave., the hope was to funnel traffic to the

Beetles, Bark and Burns

Defying common assumption, new research from the northwestern U.S. suggests insect infestations might actually lessen the severity of wildfires, potentially alleviating fears that the spread of pine beetles may have a compounding effect when it comes to burns in the boreal forest. A recent study led by Garrett Meigs examined the interaction between forest fires and

What’s in Your Water?

The Mackenzie River Basin spans six provinces and territories, drains 20 percent of Canada’s land mass, and is increasingly impacted by resource development and climate change. Water quality in the vast, border-crossing basin is an ever-growing, turbulent topic. How is downstream development affecting upstream waters? Exactly what is the state of our water these days,

The Great Keg Heist of 2016

Eight kegs of boutique beer disappeared from a freezer truck outside the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre last Sunday night, and the heist seems to have been committed partially on foot. That’s the most likely explanation, at least, says Visitors Centre communications director Elijah Forget, after four of the kegs turned up along the Frame Lake

Women’s Society Bids for Housing First

As bidding on a RFP to run the City’s Housing First Program closed on Monday, the Yellowknife Women’s Society was the sole organization to submit a proposal. Details of the proposal aren’t public, and EDGE was unable to reach Bree Denning, executive director of the society (which also runs the Centre of Northern Families) by

Battle Over South Nahanni Watershed Re-Opens

Another attempt by land use planners in the Sahtu to make the South Nahanni watershed off-limits to development is seeing renewed government opposition. The Sahtu Land Use Planning Board (SLUPB) is proposing an amendment to the region’s land use plan that would see areas that were left out of the recently established Nááts’ihch’oh National Park

Navigating Cancer in the North

“They were doing all these tests on me, but didn’t tell me I had colon cancer.” “For a cancer patient you really need someone to go with you for support. I woke up alone… It really hurts when you’re alone.” “I would like to hear from her why she wasn’t taking her medication.” “Cancer is

58 Jobs Affected in GNWT Budget Cuts

Just short of 60 GNWT employees were given notice today that their jobs would affected by the long-anticipated austerity budget that will be tabled in the Legislative Assembly next week. “While the approximately 58 affected employees have been notified, no decisions have been made at this time,” according to a GNWT backgrounder made available to

Kam Lake Camp Canned

In a bombshell vote last night, City Council refused to allow the development of a large temporary camp in Kam Lake meant to house workers building the new Stanton Hospital. The plan, officially presented to council only hours before by the hospital’s general contractors, had been to build temporary dwellings for between 150 and 250

Shots Fired: Paintball Saga Goes Bad

Earlier this week, EDGE cursed an entire sport by suggesting City officials and Yellowknife’s paintballers were “working on permitting” for paintball games at the Sandpits. Fast forward three days and that apparent partnership has exploded in a cloud of neon yellow. As things stand, there will now be no more paintball at the sandpits –

Fires Next Time: Managing the New Infernos

In the wake of the Fort McMurray fire, calls for a renewed emphasis on fire suppression have helped kick off the start of western Canada’s 2016 fire season. Once the default approach to fire management in Canada’s northwest, fire suppression meant initial attack crews hitting the small fires usually caused by lightning as soon as

North by the Numbers: NTPC

The territorial government says its decision, announced this week, to replace the Northwest Territories Power Corporation’s board with deputy ministers will save $1 million per year. Meanwhile, the power corporation is proposing a new series of annual rate increases — to follow a set of four annual hikes that concluded last year. In the coming year,

Rooting the Caribou Family Tree

There’s no direct translation for DNA or genetics in any of the Dene dialects of the Sahtu region, where words like “cousins” or “blood” are more accurate ways of describing the familial relationships shared by people throughout the Central Mackenzie. But language barriers didn’t stop a group of Elders and traditional knowledge holders from collaborating

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