Behind the Power Cut at Power Corp

A high-level shakeup in the Northwest Territories Power Corporation yesterday saw the entire board of directors dismissed and replaced by GNWT deputy ministers. The move is expected to save NTPC around $1 million in annual expenses, due to a reduction in honorariums, travel budgets and support services for board members. But the decision effectively ends

Parking in Old Town Raises Concerns

Trying to find parking outside of the Brewpub on a Friday night is a bit like pulling up to a hopping house party — cars arrayed along the sides of the road in lieu of parking, people crossing the crosswalk-less road willy-nilly. It gives that stretch of Franklin Ave an unfamiliar-in-YK feeling of bustle and

A New Home: Women’s Shelter to Expand Housing Options

The Centre of Northern Families is purchasing a new home for its daycare and family programs and planning to renovate its current building to provide more accommodation for women. The announcement was made in a blog post on the centre’s website on Tuesday, and confirmed by Anusa Sivalingam, board chair of the Yellowknife Women’s Society,

City Budget 2017: Tax Hike Proposed

Based on the City’s preliminary budget for 2017, people with $300,000 homes could be paying an extra $60 in municipal taxes next year. That’s based on a 3.44 percent tax increase proposed by City administration on Monday.   If your house is worth $500,000, you’d be looking at paying $103 more than this year, and

Arsenic Warning: Fishing, Swimming Off-Limits in Several Yellowknife Lakes

Don’t swim or fish in Frame Lake. That sage bit of advice is already followed by most Yellowknifers, but any hope of opening up the once-popular Frame Lake beach after some serious lake cleanup was effectively put to bed today with a health advisory from the territory’s public health officer. Frame Lake, Jackfish Lake and

City Briefs: Tourism Plan, Podcasting YK Stories, Seniors Tax Breaks

A plan to kick off a comprehensive destination marketing organiztion in Yellowknife doesn’t look like it will be moving forward any time soon.*  City Council adopted the recently completed marketing strategy “for information” on Monday, but there were distinct reservations about putting public money towards the plan until the GNWT changes legislation to allow for

Food and Clothing Costs on the Rise in Yellowknife

No, you haven’t been tallying your weekly grocery bills incorrectly. Food prices in Yellowknife have been increasing over the past year. Compared to March 2015, the cost of food in Yellowknife grew by an average of 5.4 percent, with restaurant prices going up an average of three percent and grocery store prices rising 6.4 percent

Housing First RFP: Fully Implemented By December

On Thursday, City Hall took its first official step towards implementing Housing First in Yellowknife by issuing a Request For Proposal seeking an organization to run an “intensive case management” program. The bid for the contract, worth at least $850,000 over the next three years, closes on May 26. The chosen provider will be expected

Visitors Centre on Shaky Ground

Severe frost heaving beneath the Northern Frontiers Visitors Centre has led to the temporary closure of the exhibit section of the building. The rest of the centre is still open, but the part of the structure which sits on pilings above the marsh adjacent to Frame Lake has been closed for safety purposes. There’s no

Ft. Smith: Stand-Off in a Small Place

Record high temperatures drew T-shirt clad residents of Fort Smith outside in droves to enjoy the sunshine on Sunday afternoon, but there was one place people could not go, no matter how much they wanted to. Field Street, a moderately quiet residential area in the centre of town, was the focus of civic attention from

Third Jerrie’s Delivery Associate Nabbed in Drug Bust

A third person associated with Jerrie’s Delivery Service has been charged with drug trafficking, following a series of RCMP raids on Thursday night that saw eight arrests. Norman Hache, 35, of Yellowknife, former owner of the delivery company, faces five charges: “Conspiracy to traffic and Possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine and fentanyl, Conspiracy

Power Corp: Renewables Redundant

The Northwest Territories Power Corp. (NTPC) is no longer following up on its pre-election callout for potential solar and wind projects for the North Slave, claiming that increased snowfall this winter should be sufficient to keep the existing Snare hydro system running smoothly. The publicly-owned electricity provider put out a request for Expressions of Interest

YK’s Homeless Crisis: The Cost of Inaction

On EDGE | ANALYSIS Last Thursday, I visited one of the downtown malls to chat with a security guard – we’ll call him John – about the visible increase in security personnel throughout the city of late. John was happy to share his observations on the condition of anonymity, though he said he might have

Food Truck Fracas

The minor scuffle that broke out last week between Javaroma and the City over food truck regulations seems to have been diffused, with City Council set to keep things status quo. Instead of loosening restrictions on where food trucks can operate, as administration had suggested, the majority of councillors favoured reverting back to last year’s

So You’ve Driven Your Truck Through the Ice…

So you’ve driven your truck through the ice. Congratulations! You’ve just joined a select club of Yellowknifers whose forays on local lakes ended with an all-too-real sinking feeling. We know, we know, the ice was meant to be more than thick enough. It’s only mid-April or early May, right? But yet, here you are: standing

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