Homeless Count Report: Not Entirely Useless

Within days of Yellowknife’s first point-in-time count, it was clear the final numbers wouldn’t paint an accurate picture of the size of the homeless community in Yellowknife. Preliminary results suggested around 150 surveys had been completed during two four-hour sessions on a weekday afternoon in May — a number significantly lower than population estimates given

Saving The Waterways

On EDGE | OPINION A sneak peek, from the upcoming February/March issue of the print edition of EDGE YK magazine:  Water flows downhill. That’s the essence of it. We in the Northwest Territories are the trunk at the end of a series of branching watersheds that flow from Yukon, B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nunavut into

Bad Advice on La Loche

On EDGE | OPINION I’m sure Scott Gilmore thought he was helping when he penned this piece for Maclean’s in the wake of the unfathomably sad shooting in La Loche, Saskatchewan, last week. Having tried nothing and run out of ideas, he throws up his hands and suggests it’s time to “help” people move out

Surviving the Coming Cultural Dark Age

We’re still waiting on the prognosis, but it’s starting to look like the cultural canary in the Yellowknife coal mine began to wobble on its perch a few months back, when De Beers pulled funding from the NorthWords Festival. Further evidence of our feathered friend’s worsening state arrived yesterday, when the folks at Long John

After Oil and Gas: Saving the Sahtu

On EDGE | OPINION It’s hard to consume the news these days without being cowed by the increasingly dismal state of the economy. A global commodities rout is running roughshod over large swathes of Canada, particularly in the west. The Northwest Territories, reliant as it is (outside of government) on mining, exploration and their supporting

Living Small, Thinking Big: Real Estate Cost of Living Tips

Do you really need a monster home? On EDGE: Opinion Over three elections this fall, we heard a lot of complaints about the cost of living in the North, and how unreasonably high it is. But rarely do we really stop to think of what we are actually complaining about. If your beef is with

Show Some Shack Pride

On EDGE | Opinion When nature calls, my reading of choice is the New Yorker. Sutherland’s Drugs does not carry Charlie Hebdo and I’m too French for Mad. So except for the odd Ballbots or something by Alison McCreesh or Marvic Adecer, it’s the most cartoon-heavy publication I can find in town. Being a Woodyard

Risky Rescue: Tungsten Purchase Reveals Devolution Desperation

On EDGE | Analysis If dozens of layoffs, a mine closure and a bankruptcy claim weren’t enough to showcase the impact of record-low tungsten prices on the North, the NWT government’s decision to buy a neglected mining property in order to shield it from the circling vultures makes that point loud and clear. Despite the current

Let’s Build a Credit Union

This isn’t an original idea: an unused Credit Union Act exists for both Nunavut and the NWT, grandfathered in during the 1999 separation On EDGE | Opinion After years of inefficiencies and bad service from Canadian banks in the North, I’ve been getting more and more annoyed and looking for a way to ease the

Northern Values Mean Protecting the Land First

On EDGE | Opinion The phrase “Water is Life” is commonplace in the Northwest Territories. It is still the Indigenous way of thinking and how we relate to each other and our place in the universe. The words can be heard spoken around dinner tables, in community halls and even echoing off the walls of

ICYMI: Not Again: Speaking Out About Sexual Violence in Yellowknife

On EDGE | Opinion Last week, Bobby Zoe allegedly broke into a person’s home in downtown Yellowknife and sexually assaulted someone. He also allegedly stole some items from the home. Zoe has also been charged in relation to a second alleged sexual assault and theft from earlier this month. If these allegations are true, this

An Open Letter to Michael Nadli

On the EDGE | Opinion Mr. Nadli, I’ve never met you and don’t know exactly what happened the night your spouse ended up with a broken wrist. I also have no doubt you’ve endured a lot and are completely committed to counselling and healing yourself and your family. However, after your most-recent conviction, you spent

The GNWT’s Dangerous Affair with China

The Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement will likely frustrate Northerners’ efforts to manage climate change and steward natural resources On EDGE | Opinion The Government of the NWT under Premier Bob McLeod is having an affair with China. The premier has made five trips to China, offered the Chinese eight NWT rivers for hydroelectric

The Chief’s Advice

On EDGE | Opinion Earlier this month I attended a semi-swank gala for the YK Film Festival in the Champagne Room, on the second floor of the 50/50 mini-mall downtown. I had a glass of wine, a couple bites of smoked fish, bounced around a documentary idea with a local filmmaker, mingled with musicians, a

One year in, EDGE Online’s gaining traction while finding its feet

Around a year ago, ad sales of the print edition of the six issues/year EDGE YK magazine had plateaued. Running the numbers, we found no way a monthly or weekly mag would work, so we started the daily experiment EDGE Online. After much discussion, we hired Mark Rendell as a full-time reporter. Boldly (foolishly?), given

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