Eat, Move, Learn, Heal

Jennie Vandermeer started the Everrrr Sexy online health and wellness program to motivate her own recovery from alcohol addiction. Now, MICHELLE SWALLOW writes, she’s helping other women become the best they can be

There Goes the Neighbourhood

From the December January issue of EDGEYK: Pondering life on Latham Island after the greatest neighbour says adios.

The Many Roles of Steven Cree Molison

Raised in Yellowknife, the award-winning actor has had a life full of twists, turns and discoveries, thanks to a drunk driver and Ben Affleck, among others

Yellowknifers: The Celebrity’s Chef

From Halifax to Kandahar to Yellowknife, Kim Burke has cooked up a life full of adventure and encounters with well-known faces from Dame Judi Dench to the Trailer Park Boys

Yellowknifers: The Tufter

Large framed pieces of caribou-tufted wall art are casually laid out alongside some caribou fur, leather and scissors on a picnic table in Somba K’e Park. Each one is different in style, shape and colour, but all are intricately handmade. Even on a gloomy weekend afternoon, the artwork attracts curious passersby, who marvel at the

Yellowknifers: The Tattooist

Denis Nobody — his last name a preferred moniker adopted years back — is deep into a tattoo when I arrive at his shop above Harley’s Hard Rock Saloon. “I can talk while I work, come in,” he says. I oblige and set up in his studio as he works through a delicate design on

Yellowknifer: The Rescuer

More then a decade ago, a story about a missing man in the local paper sparked Tom Girrior’s interest in search and rescue operations. “I read it and I thought, ‘There’s an issue here,’ but from reading the story I could tell where the guy was found,” says Girrior, now the head of Yellowknife Search

EDGE TV: Local Colour – Buddy Essery

We’re calling this segment of EDGE TV Local Colour because we plan to include the kinds of real, under-cover characters you can only find in YK. The first installment is at Buddy Essery’s house just off the road to Dettah. Thanks again to aRTLeSS Collective for shooting, editing and making it awesome and Northwestel Community

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