ICYMI: YK Mythbusters: Is K’naan’s Dad a YK Cabbie?

Just in case you needed another reason to strike up a conversation with your local cab driver, at least one of them is a celebrity’s father. We’ve been hearing the rumour that the Somali Canadian rapper/poet/singer/songwriter K’naan’s dad drives a cab here in Yellowknife for years, and  it turns out that this particular YK Myth is definitely

ICYMI: Down Among the Morel Pickers

Thierry quit his job to go picking, but isn’t sure that was the best decision Last year, a much-hyped morel mushroom season opened up. We sent photographer Angela Gzowski down Highway 3 to see how things were proceeding. This article was first published June 11, 2015 Thierry Guenez and Marcelle Fressineau from France via the Yukon Is

ICYMI: Where The Boys Are: FOXY Talks To The Other Half

FOXY has just launched SMASH, its sexual health program for young men. Here’s our piece on their development of the program, first published in November of 2015:  In its three years of programming and annual summer leader retreats, the award-winning research project known as FOXY has already reached 800 girls and young women across the

Inside the NWT Brewing Company’s Surprise Win

The brewpub had just been open a few months when brewer and co-owner Fletcher Stevens sent five unmarked bottles filled with beer down to Ontario, each with an elastic band and a slip of paper to identify it ahead of the blind taste tests. Stevens had won awards for his beer before, but only for

Here Comes the Sun, and Here Comes Summer Mania

Just about every Canadian is aware of seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, SAD mildly affects over 15 percent of Canadians, and two to three percent severely. We Northerners in particular are more susceptible to this condition, or so we’ve been told, because of the extreme nature of our

Polishing Yellowknife’s downtown diamond

There are two big developments at Yellowknife’s ballpark this year. The first, you probably know about. The second, you probably don’t. The obvious change is the introduction of grass — grass! — to the downtown ball diamond’s outfield. This is the first time fastball players in the city have had the luxury of a grass

What To Do When You’re Busted Up in the Bush

It was about an hour-and-a-half hike out after I stepped down from a rock on the way out from Big Hill lake and snapped my right ankle to the point of – as an x-ray later showed – the ligament tearing off a piece of the bone. I like to think I have strong ligaments.

Dook’s Look Back: Winter’s Disappearing Act

Published in  the April May issue of EDGEYK magazine:  Every year Spring surprised us. Spring ripped through the winter weather like old Dr. O’Donahugh’s surgical knife; confident, gleaming and ultimately healing. All winter we sank our scarved chins into our parka chests and plodded through the snow.  We were as cranky as the staring ravens

When the ‘Baby Blues’ Become So Much More

From the April/May edition of EDGEYK: Our twins were born May 7th, 2015. Aaron and James were happy and healthy boys, despite being three weeks early, which is typical of twins. There were some great moments, at the beginning. The moment our three-year-old daughter, Emma, rushed into the hospital room to meet them for the first

NWT Wildfires: Where to Find Maps and Data

Events in Fort McMurray this week confirmed, on a barely fathomable scale, the return of wildfire season. Canadians spent days watching frantic tweets, astonishing video and urgent updates from Fort McMurray as the entire northern Alberta city fled the flames. In dealing with the tragedy, people shared information: maps of worst-affected neighbourhoods, diagrams of how

Denouncing the Doctrine of Discovery

On a damp September day in 1984, thousands of people from across the territory gathered in Liidlii Kue, or Fort Simpson, to catch a glimpse of the holiest of globe-trotting visitors. As the time of arrival approached, the fog thickened until a wing and a prayer was little match for the weather, and the plane

Sober Yellowknife: Strategies for Staying on the Wagon

Yellowknife is not an easy place to be sober. The North, in general, can be a place of easy temptation when it comes to alcohol, and Yellowknife, with its young transient population, cold weather, multitude of bars and streams of disposable income, can be particularly challenging for those on the wagon. When we started talking

The Woman Who Grew Overnight

Adults don’t get to wake up three inches taller. But what if you did? Yellowknifer Sarah Kalnay-Watson knows the answer. The good news is it involves an enjoyable shopping trip. The bad news relates to the bathroom. And what’s an extra three inches in the bedroom? We’ll find out. First, a little background: At the

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