YK Past Blast: Early Aviation (UPDATED)

For the latest installment in our Leonard Willing historical photo series, Leonard’s nephew Glen Willing recently gave EDGE several photos offering a glimpse into Yellowknife’s early aviation history. The photo above shows Leonard himself, an assayer at Con and Negus Mines between 1938 and 1951, standing next to a Junkers W 34. These all-metal German

Avoiding Spudmageddon

Here’s another sneak peek from the upcoming spring edition of EDGEYK magazine:  We are gearing up for spring. Gumboots and garden implements are scrubbed, and this year, faintly smelling of swimming pool. Bleach is now among the precautionary steps we’re taking for garden season, after narrowly avoiding spudmageddon with last year’s potato crop.   Our

What a Way To Go: YK’s Number One Toilet

Ladies, listen up. Sushi North has a toilet that operates like an automated car wash for your private parts, right down to the warm-air dry. No joke. The Washlet, the latest in Japanese high-tech toilets, allows you to do your business and leave fully cleansed without ever having to lift or close the lid, swipe

ICYMI: Ice Lake Heroes

First published in April, 2015: It was Thursday, May 8, 2014. In my dreams, I still see it and shudder. A dark patch of water where there should have been ice. As we slid into it, my lead dog Trigger turned and looked directly at me. It was my fault. I had called the team

Wild Horses Roam Wood Buffalo

Biologists carrying out their bison survey in Wood Buffalo National Park got a majestic surprise earlier this month when they spotted two roving herds of wild horses. The two groups of five feral horses were sighted along the park boundary east of Fox Lake in northern Alberta on March 2, the first day of the

Snookie Catholique: Greatest Name of 2016?

Deadspin’s annual Name of the Year contest took off today, and no one was more surprised to hear that her name was in the running than the former Language Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, Snookie Catholique. It was her first time hearing about the competition, an annual event founded on an Ivy League campus in

Pets, Vets and Panic Attacks

It’s the middle of the night, and I am sleeping on the tiny loveseat in the living room with my arm stretched across the fluffy back of my best friend beside me. Her name is Willow, and she’s a tri-pawed husky mutt from Fort Chipewyan. She is also mysteriously ill, and I am trying not

Let’s Get Together: Good Company

Working from home: an escape from the creativity-killing drudgery of office life? Or a lonely pit of Facebook scrolling, Netflix-induced procrastination? In truth, it’s probably a bit of both. Over the past decade, shared workspaces for creative types and online entrepreneurs have been popping up in cities across North America as a way to remedy

Rethinking Northern Meat

With caribou in decline across the Northwest Territories, hunting bans in place and increased pressures on wildlife from harvesters, industry and climate change, food security advocates in the territory say we need a new system in place to fill the void. For Jackie Milne, head of the Northern Farm Training Institute (NFTI) in Hay River,

Salt on the Roads

On EDGE | OPINION The mechanic rose from underneath my vehicle. He had that look, the one that says, this isn’t good… this is going to be costly. I braced myself. “Did you get this van in Newfoundland?” he asked. The question took me by surprise. “No, we bought it used at Kingland,” I said.

Restaurant Roundup: Epic Goodbye, Coyote Re-Birth and More

Epic goodbye Epic Grill fans only have a month left to enjoy their meaty si-log breakfasts, as the Filipino cafe is closing down at the end of March. The restaurant was open in the Legislative Assembly for less than a year, after moving from their popular location in Arnica Inn last April. Owner Joselito “June”

Join the EDGE Team

After more than a year of frustrating issues for our members, a few months ago we lifted our editorial membership paywall and started building our own. After plenty of hard work by our development team, over the next week we’re phasing it back in. This means our free editorial articles will soon revert to two

Last Days of the Northern Journal

By mid-March, Fort Smith will be without a newspaper for the first time in nearly 40 years, when the Northern Journal either closes down or moves to Yellowknife. “I would say we have to make a business decision to shut down in the coming weeks,” says Don Jaque, owner and managing editor of the paper which

In Délı̨nę, Giving Ɂekwe a Rest

There are no words for conservation, or hunting ban, or even for the caribou termed by the territorial government as the Bluenose East herd in the Sahtúgot’ı̨nę Dene dialect of Délı̨nę. The language does not include the concept of wildlife management, and numbers were never used as a means of keeping track of animal population

Cure For Cabin Fever

The days are getting longer and the temperatures (theoretically) getting warmer from here on in, but for anyone experiencing cabin fever, there’s still more than a few weeks left to go before winter’s over. Why not channel some of that stir-crazy spring energy into doing some winter camping? March and April are the perfect time

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