Life in a Northern Town, Pt. 2

In the late 1930s, a young lab technician and photography enthusiast named Leonard Willing arrived in boom-town Yellowknife. Over the next decade and a half, he took hundreds of photos, which together paint an intimate and enduring portrait of life and work during the town’s gold rush days. You can read more about Willing in

Why We Need an Indigenous Wellness Centre

Imagine a hospital meal that includes caribou meat, a pharmacy dispensing medicines from the land, and traditional healing practitioners addressing not just your physical and mental health, but emotional and spiritual health as well. For the better part of a decade, that’s exactly what the NWT’s Elders Wellness Advisory Council has been advocating for; more

Remembering Ricky Robinson

At 13, Ricky Robinson’s tendency toward generosity was already evident. A former classmate, Robert Collinson – whose mother taught Ricky – knows first hand. “My parents’ car was on the last stages of life – it was wintertime and they were having trouble starting it. [My mom] was complaining to another teacher about it, and

Recipes: Northern Fusion

Northerners know better than anyone that traditional country foods like moose and fish rarely need more than a bit of salt to taste delicious. But as the tastes of more countries and cultures creep northward, experimental foodies are fusing the bold flavours of Asia and Latin America with staples like caribou and lake trout with

A Hard Sell: Canada Winter Games Report

On EDGE | ANALYSIS Reading the business opportunities section of the Canada Winter Games report released to the media yesterday afternoon, you can almost hear the sound of faces hitting palms. Those buzzkills over at the Chamber of Commerce just don’t get it! And the project’s comms people really aren’t helping. Or so the report

Toy Story: Ice Lake Legos

An inch-and-a-half off the ground, the Dettah ice road is a bustling hive of industry and adventure. Hovercrafts zip across the ice, dog sleds mush over the bumpy snow, helicopters buzz through the air. At least that’s how it seems if you’re following Yellowknifer Danna Merrigan on Twitter. Almost every day since the ice road

Winter Dating in YK: The EDGE Guide

‘Tis the season of long johns as lingerie, when hunkering inside with your honey and watching five straight episodes of Making a Murderer is the definition of a hot date. Of course there’s nothing wrong with blanket forts, and no one can deny the pleasures of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. But if your

NWT’s Economic Realities, Pt 6: The Consequences

In the final installment of this examination of how our territory’s economy really functions, Sam Gamble looks at the effects of our rentier state economy and hopes for further, informed discussion.

Whitelock To Sue Folk on the Rocks

The former Executive Director of Folk on the Rocks intends to launch a lawsuit and human rights complaint against the festival for what he alleges was his wrongful dismissal. In a statement released by David Whitelock on Sunday, Jan. 17, he claims he was terminated without cause, in “breach of the Employment Standards Act,” and

Why, How and Where to Skijor in YK

Getting outdoors with your dog can be daunting on dark, winter days, even if this is often a working person’s only chance at a foray into nature during the week. But if you’re a cross country skier, or interested in becoming one, there’s a much more fun, fast way of getting fresh air while exercising

Art of the Extremes: Yellowknifers Share Arctic Visions

Deep within an icy underground bunker in Finland, an avant-garde of Yellowknife artists — musicians, dancers, videographers and poets — will gather to share their dissonant visions of the Arctic next month at the first-ever artArctica festival. Yellowknife composer Carmen Braden will join audio-visual duo Casey Koyczan and Davis Heslep at the three-day gathering in

Dominion: Shake-Up At The Top

Domnion owns around 90 percent of Ekati In a shake-up among the upper echelons of Dominion Diamond Corp., it’s been announced that long-time chairman Robert A. Gannicott will be handing over the company’s reins “in the near future,” while at the same time a member of an aggressive shareholder group has been appointed to the

Inuvik Woman Dies While Being Released from RCMP Custody

The Inuvik RCMP Detachment An external review is underway into the death of a woman in Inuvik who died while in police custody over the weekend. The woman, whose name has not yet been released, died Sunday morning as she was being released after spending a night in a cell at the Inuvik RCMP Detachment.

City Briefs: Canada Winter Games, Northlands, and Grace Lake

The Games, still Given the lukewarm support from city councillors for the 2023 Canada Winter Games during this fall’s election, you might think the whole project was dead in the water. But the committee charged with analyzing the games has been quietly chugging along, with their final report expected some time in February. At Monday’s

Mrdjenovich’s Next Project Stirs Neighbourhood

Mrdjenovich’s Nova Hotel, last summer Two long-empty lots at the bottom of Twin Pine Hill may be seeing some action in the near future as controversial Yellowknife developer Mike Mrdjenovich gears up for yet another hotel and residential complex. Over the past few days, a team has been drilling holes in Mrdjenovich’s Bartam Court property, the

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