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Northern Industrial Construction

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Northern Industrial Construction is recognized for superior quality when delivering complex and logistically challenging projects.

Our firm is a self-perform, multi-disciplined General Contractor. We deliver mechanical, structural, civil and building construction solutions to a wide variety of industrial, municipal and institutional market sectors.

We are familiar with the specific challenges associated with remote ice road terrain, fly only accessibility and marine only delivery methods. We understand the importance of master planning, effective logistics and delivering maximum efficiency when faced with a time of the essence construction window.

Based in Yellowknife, NT, Northern Industrial will service the Yukon, Northwest and Nunavut Territories. Our diversity sets us apart from the rest. We have an unsurpassed reputation for delivering efficient, cost-effective and value-analyzed construction projects and understand that each and every industry has unique and specific needs beyond the ordinary.

Our project delivery capabilities range from E.P.C or Design-Build to Stipulated Sum, G.M.P., or Cost Reimbursable.

We are dedicated to operating as a responsible corporate citizen, with sensitivity to and concerns for communities in which we work. Our employees take great pride in involving and improving each of these communities through employment opportunities, trades skills training, donating labour and equipment and participating in various community activities.

Northern Industrial brings a culture of safety to each project we deliver. We have found that safe projects are positive places to work. Our safety culture promotes an environment where workers know that they matter and are empowered to create a safer workplace. Our objective is build safe and operable facilities while avoiding errors and non-conformities that adversely impact quality, cost and schedule. Through our Quality Management Program (QMP), Northern Industrial remains committed in delivering a strong quality system, diligent operating procedures and employing experienced and qualified trades personnel.

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