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Great Slave Helicopters 2018 Ltd.
August 30, 2021
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A Licensed Dispatcher answers and responds to any emergency or non-emergency calls to provide assistance or important information. Their main duties include logging each call, providing answers to questions by retrieving information from the necessary departments and supervising the crews’ routes to prioritize and organize their schedules.


• Scheduling and dispatching crews, vehicles or equipment to appropriate locations according to predetermined schedules, customer requests or immediate needs. • Relaying information to and from work crews, supervisors or emergency personnel. • Use telephones, two-way radios or text messages to contact employees or emergency personnel. • Speak with supervisors or customers to resolve problems, request for service or equipment. • Prepare daily work such as schedules. • Answer incoming phone calls to schedule services and address enquiries and concerns from internal and external customers regarding their scheduled jobs. • Gather detailed information from customers and get a basic overview of the job request. Relate these details to the Operations department that will address the job. Service dispatchers prioritize service requests and schedule jobs accordingly to address the most urgent customer needs as quickly as possible. • Dispatch service crews to scheduled jobs. • Monitor the routes for crews so they get to their destinations by the most efficient means possible. This involves staying up to date on any issues that may arise to detail the jobs. • Answer incoming radio calls from crews, who report when they arrive at and leave jobs, and log this information into the dispatch system. This includes addressing any emergency situations crews may encounter and relaying information to management or other departments as needed. • Add customer information to digital filing systems and log information into customer files when scheduling jobs.


• High School diploma. • Aviation experience is an asset. • Dispatching License. • Strong verbal communication skills to relay information to crews and answer customer questions and concerns and use strong written communication skills to record the essential details of every job. • Good time management skills are critical. The dispatcher needs to prioritize jobs and schedule appointments so jobs can be completed within the given timelines. • Excellent customer service skills to speak with customers (internal and external), answer incoming phone calls, manage customer problems, and address customer complaints. • Basic computer skills to log information into digital dispatch systems and customer files. • Good multitasking abilities to handle several phone calls at once and juggle multiple job assignments in a single work day. • Leadership skills are essential for service dispatchers, who must direct service crews and advise them on any job changes or issues. • Some data entry skills are required for service dispatchers, who log information into digital systems.

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